Electrical Preventative Maintenance For Commercial & Industrial Machinery

Electrical Preventative Maintenance For Commercial & Industrial Machinery

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a set of guidelines and tools that help to maintain equipment and assets in good condition. This helps to prevent failures and unplanned downtime.

Planning and preventive maintenance go hand in hand, just as salt and pepper, Batman, Robin, movies, and popcorn. A solid plan is essential for any preventive maintenance program to be successful.

A preventive maintenance plan is a great way to get out of reactive maintenance. A preventive maintenance plan will help your business avoid unplanned downtime and allow you to resist the temptation to revert to reactive maintenance.

The PM plan helps to make everything clear so that reliability can be achieved without any difficulties. The goals and responsibilities of each person are clearly defined. Timelines are clear and resources are allocated. Everyone is familiar with what success looks like and how to sustain that success.

Preventive maintenance refers to proactive maintenance performed regularly on equipment in order to avoid unplanned failure or breakdown. Preventive maintenance can be triggered for assets based on usage or time.

If an asset has been in use for more than 100 hours, it will automatically trigger a preventive maintenance order. It is intended to improve asset reliability, minimise downtime, and maximise cost- and labour savings.

A preventive maintenance plan is a great way to get out of reactive maintenance. A roadmap will allow your organization to plan for unexpected downtime and avoid the temptation to revert to reactive maintenance.

It takes dedication, time, and most importantly, a plan to transition from a reactive maintenance activity to one that is more proactive. To create a successful preventive program, you must establish a schedule and stick to it.

This will result in a decrease in unplanned downtime and backlog, miscommunication, accidents, and corrective maintenance costs. Preventive maintenance can help you overcome inefficiency and improve the overall quality of your maintenance program.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program Services For The Commercial & Industrial Sectors In North Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast

Every year, thousands of electrical system failures occur during normal operation, costing American businesses millions in lost production and damage. Routine preventative maintenance could have prevented two-thirds of these system failures. Studies show that electrical equipment failure rates are three times higher if it is not part of a regular electrical preventative maintenance program.

When should electrical maintenance occur?

Electrical equipment in commercial factories or industrial plants should be maintained at least once every three years for preventative maintenance. Depending on the location and the operational nature of the equipment, some locations will require more frequent maintenance.

Maintenance is more important in harsh environments, such as those with high levels of dust or moisture. Equipment that is only used occasionally or critical to a process needs more frequent preventative maintenance. You can use sound engineering judgment when deciding if it is necessary to perform more frequent maintenance.

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An Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program Includes Electrical Equipment

Every piece of equipment has its own maintenance schedule and requirements. All work involving electric power systems or equipment must be done in compliance with industry safety standards.

Here is a list containing electrical equipment that is typically covered under the electrical preventative maintenance program

  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • Air Disconnect Switches
  • Battery Chargers and Stations
  • Cables and Bus
  • Circuit Breakers Molded-Case
  • Motors
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Protective Relays
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Keep track of the Electrical Maintenance Program

It is important to document the scope and frequency of your electrical preventative maintenance program. It is important to record all routine maintenance activities and the results of routine testing as well as repairs and/or replacements of electrical components.

All applicable drawings and maintenance plans should be updated when there are changes to the electrical distribution system.

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Electrical Preventative Maintenance For Commercial & Industrial Machinery

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