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Australian Businesses Need Commercial Generators

Outback farms, city offices, and mines in remote parts of Australia all share one thing: they need power. Businesses of all sizes and shapes in Australia rely on commercial generators to keep their machinery and equipment running.

We’re not talking here about portable generators to power tools at the job site. Instead, we are referring to stationary generators that provide standby, continuous, and prime power for many business sectors.

Large commercial generators are a great investment for your business. Here are just a few examples of generator-using businesses in Australia.

Prime and Continuous Power Supply

Businesses don’t need to have an emergency to benefit from the large commercial generators. Generators are also used by many industries on a daily basis to provide their prime or continuous power supply. This is especially true in remote areas where mains power supply is difficult, expensive, unstable, or impossible to obtain.

Oil and gas companies, construction, mining and telecommunications are the obvious ones. However, manufacturing and events industries can also benefit from stationary generators.

One extreme example is Tasmania’s Tamar Valley. The gas turbines were shut down in mid-2014 due to the rising cost of gas. Generators are now required by businesses to provide power. As a temporary measure, more than 20 portable diesel generators have been brought in by the state.

Backup Power Supply

Large commercial generators that are stationary can be used to supply power for emergency response centres and hospitals in the event of severe weather events like hurricanes, cyclones or floods.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an emergency to use standby generators; data centres that rely on power to keep running use large stationary generators to make sure no data is lost in a power outage.

To ensure that they have power when needed, manufacturing plants, retail stores, offices, and mines use stationary backup generators. These larger industries are responsible for providing our basic needs like electricity, transport, food, and communication.

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Power outages in the business world can be extremely costly and can even pose a risk to lives. Reliable backup power is essential for large businesses to keep heavy machinery running during a crisis and to allow workers to do their jobs.

There is no alternative energy source that can provide full-strength backup power in the event of an outage by the mains electricity grid. Large industrial generators are the best choice for large businesses. The use of large commercial generators as backup power can be a form of insurance and save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Every second of lost work time in manufacturing plants is lost revenue. Products aren’t delivered on schedule, quotas don’t get met and deadlines are missed. It’s a small drop in the ocean when you consider the initial cost of a stationary industrial Generator.

Hospitality is another business that needs standby power. For the basic services they offer, hotels, resorts and bars as well as restaurants and cafes require power. A great option for backup power is a large commercial generator. This minimises the impact on guests and customers while protecting your brand.

Commercial generators are able to power your business, whether you own a car dealership, construction site, manufacturing plant, hotel, or hospital. One simple question to ask yourself: Can you afford not to have one?

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