Power Point Installation, Upgrades & Replacement Brisbane

Power Point Installation, Upgrades & Replacement Brisbane 41

Is It Time For Some Power Point Installation Services in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast Areas?

Many homes don’t have enough power points. Or you may live in an older home or business. This is especially true in rooms like the kitchen, office, and home theatre that rely on multiple appliances.

Older properties may only have one outlet per powerpoint, which limits the number of appliances that can ever be secured.

Many property owners are finding that their property doesn’t have enough powerpoints due to the increasing number of gadgets and appliances. In fact, a new home requires 30-40 outlets. Businesses and commercial properties require even more.

This is more common in older properties and homes, but it also happens in newer builds. We can help you with power point installation on Brisbane Northside and the Sunshine Coast.

Imagine that you don’t have enough powerpoints, or they are located in an awkward place. You might choose to attach extension cables or plug adaptors in this instance.

These powerpoints can be dangerous and look unattractive. Power points are also important when you’re selling your property.

It is best to have powerpoints placed exactly where you want them.

Types of power points

There are many powerpoint options to choose from. They come in different sizes and configurations. These are the most popular types of power point:

  • One GPO
  • GPO Weatherproof
  • Double GPO
  • Double the GPO switch
  • 15a powerpoints

If you wish your powerpoint to blend into the background, or if you prefer push buttons or glass for style reasons, there are many colour options. All of it depends on your personal preferences and tastes. We are happy to discuss your options with you.

On Electrical Contractors offers a fast and affordable power point replacement, testing and installation service. Your local electrician in North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast will work with you to make sure you have the right number of power points on your property.

All new power points must be thoroughly tested to ensure safety for your family, friends, employees, and customers.

Selling or renovating? Renovating or selling your home? This is a great way to increase the value of your home, particularly in high-traffic areas like the office or kitchen.

Additionally, potential buyers will find it attractive to install new power points.

Factors that affect the cost of powerpoint installation

There are many factors that influence the cost of powerpoint installation. The location of the powerpoint in the home or outside garden can have an impact on the cost of supplies and the final price.

Prices for powerpoints and wiring components vary, so this will impact the total cost of power point installation.

Consider, for example, that your powerpoints will be installed in an inaccessible or difficult to reach location. It will be more difficult to do the job, which will increase the cost. An electrician might also determine that the switchboard must be upgraded or replaced.

On Electrical offers the following services:

  • Repair existing power points
  • Installation of new power points
  • Upgrade from single power point to two
  • Safety testing of all power points
  • Upgrade existing power points
  • USB sockets for power points

emergency electrician brisbane sunhine coast

Powerpoint installation should not be left to amateurs.

There are many DIY videos and how-to videos online for almost everything. This includes how to install a powerpoint. You are putting yourself and your property at risk if you don’t have the right electrical knowledge or training.

Your electrical system can become overloaded by adding powerpoints to it, especially if there are many. This can cause a loss of power or, in certain circumstances, even a fire.

As mentioned above, it might be necessary to replace or rewire your home in order to make way for modern powerpoints. These obstacles might not be visible before installing powerpoints. If this happens, the wiring or switchboard can heat up and become a fire hazard.

These are some signs that your switchboard might need to be replaced.

  • Fuses blowing while several appliances are in operation
  • The lights flicker
  • Fuses that need to be replaced more frequently than usual

There are many power-hungry gadgets and appliances that we now have that require more power than we did in the past. It may be that your home isn’t suitable for these devices. Before installing powerpoints, it is important to inspect your home with an electrician.

Powerhouse Power Point Installations Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast

Our qualified and highly-trained electricians are experienced in powerpoint installation in Brisbane. They have installed powerpoints of all sizes and shapes all over the city.

We offer the following services for powerpoint installation:

  • Repairing powerpoints
  • Installation of powerpoints indoor and outdoors
  • Upgrade single powerpoints to two powerpoints
  • Upgrade existing powerpoints
  • Wiring and switchboard inspections
  • Safety testing of powerpoints
  • We can help you choose the best power point location
  • Installation of USB powerpoint
  • Assisting in the selection of the right type of cable

All types of powerpoint installations are possible. We understand that you have a busy schedule so we work closely with you to ensure your powerpoints are up and running in no time. You can rest assured that your local electrician has done the job correctly, which will give you peace of mind.

Only the most skilled electricians are employed by On Electrical Contractors. They will provide a quick, precise and stress-free service. We understand that you have a busy life, and we will work with you to identify your needs and provide the best solution for you.


How much does it cost to install powerpoint?

It depends on the types, location, how many you want to be installed, and other factors. Rest assured though, we’ll give you the best prices possible. Use our contact form for a free quote.

How do you install a PowerPoint?

Power points should not be installed or repaired by anyone except for a licensed electrician. Queensland government home electrical laws provide more details about local laws.

How much does it cost to install a light switch?

Prices for replacing light switches generally range in cost. This changes depending on the type of switch and whether any modifications are made to your home’s wiring. Wiring an entirely new fixture and switch could need several hours and cost additional charges.

Power Point Installation, Upgrades & Replacement Brisbane 43

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