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Find a Licensed Electrician In Brisbane

To do any electrical work, you should always get an electrician that is licensed in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Before you agree to any work, make sure you check the status of their electrical contractor license number.

The Electrical Safety Government Website has an online electrician licence search form, which you can get to with the link provided below.

Online Electrical Licence Search (Click or tap here)

that allows you to check the status and current status of your electrical contractor license numbers.

We need your help to stop illegal and dangerous electrical work.


Report any non-compliant or unlicensed work in Queensland here.

Electrical licence lookup QLD

On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd are fully licenced and insured electricians working for clients and customers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

We are a reputable and professional electrical company that delivers efficient work for residential, commercial and industrial projects throughout the region.

Electrical contractors licence check

The electrical contractor’s licence check for QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, WA, NT, ACT and other Australian regions and cities can help you to determine if your local electrician is fully licensed and able to carry out electrical work in your area in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

This ensures the safety of your family, friends, patrons, employees and any other person stepping foot or working on your property.

Unlicensed electricians can greatly undermine electrical systems installed on your property as well as cause severe electrical faults, damage and even death.

Any and all electrical work must be carried out by a professional electrical company or business in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as well as all other Australian states and territories.

Types of Electrical Licences

Queensland requires both an electrical contractor and a licence for electrician work.

An electrical work license is required if you plan to do certain types of work with electrical equipment. An electrical contractor licence is required if licensed electrical work is performed as part of an undertaking or business.

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These are the 6 types of electrical work licenses:

  • Electrical mechanic license (authorises all electrical work).
  • Electrical linesperson license
  • Electrical fitter license
  • Electrical jointer license
  • Limited electrical work license
  • An electrical work permit.

There are 2 types of licenses for electricians:

  • Unrestricted Electrical Contractor Licence – Authorises all electrical work
  • Restricted electrical contractor license – allows only a specific type of electrical work to be done.

Application for an electrical work license

Apprentices can get an electrical work license

You should make sure that your apprentices are licensed if they’re going to continue to do electrical work for you. If you have a worker that has completed their apprenticeship you can apply by completing an application for an electrical work licence for apprentices.

Holders of permits for electrical work

A permit for electrical work allows qualified individuals to receive training in order to become competent in electrical work and meet the requirements to be eligible for an electrical work license.

Permit holders might need to participate in a structured, on-the-job and off-the-job training program that is coordinated by a registered training organization. After you have completed your training and obtained your permit, you can apply for an electric licence.

Other than an apprentice, an electrical work permit/licence

A permit for electrical work allows an individual to learn and acquire the necessary experience to be eligible for an electrical work license.

Permit holders might need to take a structured, on-the-job training program that is coordinated by a Registered Training Organisation.

A permit to train in electrical work is granted for one year.

If you are:

  • You have completed an apprenticeship in electrical engineering but not the training required.
  • You are eligible to apply for a restricted electric licence.
  • You are eligible to train to obtain an additional endorsement for your licence.

You must apply for an electrical work license (other than apprenticeship) to be eligible.

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