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Are you looking to install an air conditioner or do service work? The warmer months are approaching and that means it’s time for AC installation! Our contractors can quickly perform installation, supply of new units, as well as service your old unit. We guarantee all projects will be legally compliant and are as fast and efficient as possible for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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On Electrical Contractors is your local expert in air conditioning. We have the ability to purchase large quantities of air conditioners, which allows us to offer affordable prices and high-quality AC units throughout North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our speciality lies in installing, repairing, and servicing commercial or residential systems that can be installed for homes with new construction or renovations alike!

Want to get your unit installed or repaired? On Electrical Contractors has a team of professional technicians who specialise in both installation and repairs. They also offer 24/7 emergency services so you can count on them at any time, day or night!

On Electrical Contractors offers a range of services including installation as well as repairs on any type of unit you may need through their central locations across North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast areas. Their staff are fully trained professionals who will treat every job like it’s being done at their own home so rest assured knowing that when things go wrong they’ll be there for you fast with nothing but courtesy from start to finish – all without charging an arm & leg along the way! Whether it’s heating systems, air condition

All brands of air conditioners installed.

All brands of air conditioners can be installed by our air conditioning company. We can also supply and install top-quality brands, such as:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu
  • Teco

Our technicians will carefully assess your heating and cooling requirements. They’ll then recommend a customised aircon solution that’s tailored to both the climate of your building as well as its specific needs.emergency electrician brisbane sunhine coast

Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

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    What is a Ductless Split System Air conditioner?

    Split system air conditioners are refrigerative systems that separate into indoor and outdoor units. A split system’s condenser is responsible for discharging any heat and it can be installed in the inside unit. These insulated tubes are inserted through a small hole to connect both units, making them very popular in Australia due to their ease of installation by trained technicians. They’re also easy enough to operate with infrared remote controls like most other modern appliances today!

    Split system air conditions have two parts; one part being an indoor unit while the second is called a “condensing or compressor” which contains all mechanical workings needed such as fan blades etc.

    Split system air conditioners: Where can I install them?

    If you don’t have the right qualifications, it can be difficult to find the ideal location for these systems within a house. There are many options available, and each model can be customized to meet your specific needs. These guidelines will help you to place your indoor unit.

    Indoor aircon units should be located in the centre of the room to ensure that airflow is balanced. If the unit will be installed in a bedroom, place it over the bed. After the unit is installed, think about how your room will look.

    Indoor units should be mounted high up on the wall to ensure cool air circulation. Make sure the unit has an easy access point for cleaning.

    It is crucial to ensure that the indoor unit of your air conditioner is not above any electrical fittings. If the unit falls, it could pose a danger.

    You should not place your indoor unit too close to other people. This could lead to exposure to dust, airborne particles and large vents. The filter will need to be cleaned more often to ensure that it works properly.

    Total Aircon Services Near You

    Don’t waste time looking for the perfect air conditioner. Our technicians will assist you in choosing the best air conditioner unit and provide it to you.

    Our electrical company will then professionally install the device. It will be a reputable company that has been around for many years. This will give you peace of mind.

    We are able to assist many people with split system air conditioners. The heat of Brisbane Northside & the Sunshine Coast’s summers can be almost unbearable without a cooling system.

    Split systems are the most popular type of air conditioner. Split systems keep you cool during the hot Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast summers, and warm during the cold winters.

    Split air conditioning systems are an alternative option to central air conditioning. Split air conditioning systems offer many advantages that are worth considering when shopping for an air conditioner. They are compact and lightweight and won’t take up much space.

    What are the Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners

    • Easy Installation.  The installation takes only a few minutes. It all depends on your house configuration. To get an estimate before installation, talk to our AC specialist.
    • Amazing Flexibility.  Split ACs let you have one air conditioner for each room and not one central unit that cools the entire area. It is possible to turn the AC off in areas that don’t require it and save energy. Each room has its individual remote control, which adjusts the temperature according to the room’s needs.
    • Excellent Quiet Operation.  Split ACs are quieter than traditional air conditioners, such as window conditioners. The fan and condenser are housed in the outdoor section, which helps to keep the noise out of indoor spaces.

    Split air conditioners are very efficient at cooling or heating your house or office. Split air conditioners can filter out particles from the air as they move through the unit.

    On Electrical Contractors can handle all your commercial, residential and industrial electrical repair and installation needs. We are known for our reliability as an electrician in Brisbane.

    We have the expertise to install and repair all kinds of electrical equipment. We offer a wide variety of electrician services that will ensure safety and efficiency at your home and workplace.


    What is the difference between split AC and central AC?

    Central air conditioning and split AC systems both use refrigerants to produce cold air, but they operate in different ways. A central system will use a single outdoor unit with long ducts that distribute the cool air throughout your house.

    This type of system typically works best for homes that are 2,000 square feet or more and offer an even ratio of wall space to floor space. In contrast to a central AC unit, a split system uses one indoor unit and one outdoor compressor or condenser.

    The cooling coils can be placed near the ceiling on opposite sides of the room from each other or can share common wall space for dual units. The cooling coils are connected by copper pipes your home’s natural heat-circulating materials take up where they become uncomfortable to walk through.

    Insulated pipes transfer the cold or hot refrigerant from the cooling coils to an outdoor compressor located outside. Some split AC systems offer a heat pump option that can perform both heating and cooling functions, much like central air conditioning units.

    A conventional AC system is used only for cooling purposes. Split AC systems are more efficient than central AC systems for small homes or condos and they are more flexible too. The outdoor unit can be installed on a balcony or against an exterior wall of the building using special brackets to brace it in place.

    What is the difference between a split system and a reverse cycle?

    A Split system cools and heats the air while a Reverse cycle uses heat from one source to both cool and heat the air.

    The difference between these systems is that with a split system, cold air goes outside and warm moist outgoing air is drawn into the home. With a reverse cycle, in-coming cold dry outside air is warmed by either electric or gas heating before it blows warmth back into your home.

    As the cooling coils are outside, a split system is at its most efficient when it’s hotter outdoors so any opportunity to heat the incoming air will make these systems more economical.

    How much does it cost to install a split system air conditioner?

    The split system air conditioning costs depend on a variety of factors such as reaching the area for the external unit, the model and make to be installed, and how many split system air conditioners you will require to be installed as the cost per unit reduces if higher than one.

    What is the best split system air conditioner?

    • Kelvinator.
    • Mitsubishi Electric.
    • LG.
    • Samsung.
    • Panasonic.
    • Fujitsu General.
    • Daikin.
    • Braemar

    Can I install a split system air conditioner myself?

    No, you cannot.
    In Queensland, you are required by law to hire a licensed electrician to carry out any electrical work in homes or businesses.

    How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

    Usually speaking, the normal installation will conclude anywhere from four to eight hours, which means the manner of removing the old unit and being ready to turn on the new one can be finished within a day.

    When choosing the right sized air conditioner for your area, the following applies:

    • For a room 10m2 to 20m2, a 2.6kW unit should be sufficient
    • For a room 20m2 to 30m2, a 3.5kW unit should be sufficient
    • For a room 30m2 to 45m2, a 5-6kW unit should be sufficient
    • For a room 45m2 to 65m2, a 7-8kW unit should be sufficient

    We can solve all your electrical problems

    We offer a complete range of electrical services for both residential and commercial customers. No job is too big or small. Here are some services we offer:

    • Electrical work in 1 and 3 phases
    • 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Work
    • Installation of appliances
    • Ceiling fan installations
    • Data cabling
    • Upgrades to Electrical Boxes
    • Maintenance of the electrical system
    • Renovations to your home
    • Safety inspections for electrical equipment
    • Upgrades to electrical service
    • Fibre Optics
    • Hot water system repairs
    • Installation of new circuits
    • Installation IXL – Bathroom lights and fans
    • Kitchen appliance installation
    • Light Installation and Replacement
    • Installation of a new circuit
    • Office Renovations – Making the area safe and ready for other trades.
    • Existing electrical equipment
    • Installation and replacement of power points
    • Installation and testing of Smoke alarms
    • Testing and fault finding/troubleshooting
    • TV aerial point installation