Here are 6 ways that a commercial electrician can help you succeed in your business

The electrical system of your business is vital for daily operations. You would experience frequent business interruptions, possibly even breaching safety and health standards, if you didn’t have reliable, safe access to electricity. A commercial electrician can be an invaluable partner and guide for your company. But what are the specific ways that they can help? We will be discussing the top ways that commercial electricians can help your business meet its goals.

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Test and tag appliances is a way to make sure your portable electrical appliances are safe to use. Before using special appliance equipment to test each appliance, a commercial electrician will conduct a visual inspection for any damage. To mark the appliance as safe and tested, they will attach a tag to it. The tag should indicate the next recommended test date.

Australian Standard AS/NZS3760 covers testing and tagging. This is a process that allows your team to determine which items are safe and minimises the chance of electroshocks or accidents. For industries such as construction, demolition and mining that rely on special equipment every day, testing and tagging are crucial.


Circuit breaker testing can be done by a commercial electrician. This is to check your switching system and the programming of your tripping structures. This is a critical test that will ensure the safety and reliability of your circuit breakers. Circuit breakers in your business premises are responsible for conducting electricity currents between them and isolating each other. To protect your equipment, they quickly disconnect fault currents when there is one.

Circuit breakers can develop major faults such as short circuits in coils. They can also become worn or damaged over time, particularly in the mechanical connections and insulation material. An electrician can check your equipment regularly to detect potential problems and fix them before they cause damage or business interruptions.

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Reputable commercial electricians can help you increase your company’s energy efficiency. Your business’s ability to improve energy efficiency and sustainability can lead to a better ROI, lower earnings volatility, and greater profitability. Companies that are more sustainable often have a higher reputation with consumers.

An electrician can help with everything from solar hot water systems to solar panels and LED lighting. An electrician can perform an energy audit to provide insight into your appliances and infrastructure. An electrician can help you determine the best upgrades that will reduce your power consumption, lower your power bills, or minimise your energy overheads.


Lightning protection is used extensively in commercial and residential buildings around the globe. To reduce injury and damage, these systems divert lightning current from commercial sites. Although lightning strikes are unlikely to strike your building, they can cause serious damage. Lightning protection is also available to prevent lightning-related structural and fire damage.

A lightning protection system typically includes a rod, an air terminal, a lightning wire (to carry the lightning current to the ground), ground rods (buried under the earth for safe lightning discharge around buildings), and a lightning cable. These systems are not designed to attract lightning and don’t usually provide surge protection. Even if your electrician has installed a lightning protection system, you should still use surge-protection equipment.


Industrial and commercial sites often rely on medium and low voltage switchboards for their electrical power distribution. Electrical distribution equipment can wear down over time, which can reduce both safety and efficiency.

To minimise the chance of a switchboard failure, a qualified electrician can help with maintenance. This will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and equipment replacement costs while also increasing electrical safety at your site. A good maintenance program can extend the life of your switchboard and help you save money on upgrading. Inspection and testing should be done with specialist equipment.

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Lighting systems can account for up to 60% of your business’s electricity bills. You can save significant money on lighting costs by working with an experienced, licensed electrician. You could upgrade wall switches, install sensor-activated dimming system networks, or set up lighting controls that automatically turn off after hours. An electrician can make sure that the system has the correct lighting-load capacity, grounding features and short-circuit protection to ensure safety.

You can adjust your lighting control to better suit different zones and purposes. There might be different lighting requirements in different areas, such as cubicles, offices, corridors and training or presentation rooms. You will likely save power and increase utility, comfort, productivity, and employee satisfaction with optimised lighting control.


You can improve the safety and utility of your workplace by working with the right commercial electrical contractor. An electrician can inspect appliances and ensure that circuit breakers meet safety standards. Your electrician can reduce the chance of your business being disrupted or expensive equipment getting damaged by lightning. They also ensure that your lighting systems work in accordance with your requirements. Working with a commercial electrician can result in a safer, more productive and profitable workplace.

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