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Commercial Electricians - 7 Professional Qualities

Commercial Electrician Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

What Are Commercial Electricians?

Commercially trained electricians are a type of electrician that is focused on the needs of commercial properties. They work on everything from office buildings to retail stores and can be found in many countries worldwide.

In Australia, you will need to have at least two years of experience as an electrician before you can apply for this position. These professionals offer four types of services: design and installation, maintenance and repair, fire safety inspection and testing, and emergency response.

There are three basic types of jobs they do. They work on installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in various settings such as factories, warehouses, offices, or retail stores.

Commercial electrician qualifications are different from residential qualifications because there is a lot more responsibility for safety with an increased number of workers around.

Types Of Commercial Properties We Work On In Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast

  • commercial buildings
  • retail stores
  • office spaces
  • restaurants
  • hospitals
  • shopping centres
  • schools
  • and much more

They may also be required to perform maintenance on shopfront signage or lighting signs for business owners who operate out of commercial warehouses. Commercial electrical services usually require the use of special tools, equipment and commercial test meters.

24/7 After hours Commercial Emergency Electrician

Commercial electricians must also be on call for emergencies, including commercial electrical wiring inspections, which help prevent potential fires from happening.

Types of commercial electrician services

There are services that cover commercial properties in commercial buildings. The commercial property includes commercial spaces in shopping malls, factories, office buildings, commercial plazas and hotels. They also install and maintain power distribution systems.

Commercial electricians install commercial outlets and lighting systems in commercial buildings. They also replace worn-out commercial electrical equipment like breakers, panels, switches, lights and fuse boxes.

Commercial electricians are responsible for the safety of the commercial building’s occupants through thorough inspections to ensure that all wiring is installed correctly or repaired if necessary.

Installation & repair of Commercial Signage

They assemble commercial signs, including neon and LED displays. They also repair commercial signs.

Installation of Commercial Security & CCTV Systems

They install commercial security and alarm systems, which detect unauthorised entry into commercial buildings and alert security guards or police. Commercial electricians are responsible for maintaining commercial alarm systems as well.

Electrical Safety Inspections

In Australia, commercial properties with a gross floor area of more than 100m must have an annual safety inspection and fire risk assessments every three years by law. These laws include commercial fire alarm system installation, commercial electrical wiring inspections and commercial emergency lighting.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems

They also install commercial refrigeration systems, which are necessary to keep food temperature at a certain level inside shops or supermarkets so that their products can be stored for extended periods without spoiling.

Parking Lot & Outside Light Maintenance and Installations

One common issue commercial property owners have to deal with is whether or not to use a licenced electrician for their outside lighting. Properly fitting and installing any type of exterior lighting system is crucial to the safety and security of your patrons, customers and employees.

Outdoor Lighting

When considering whether or not commercial property owners should have an electrician install commercial outdoor lighting, it is essential to remember that the tradesman will provide a variety of commercial services and can handle many different types of commercial properties.

Retail and Commercial Lighting Fit Outs and Installations

Interior commercial lighting installation projects are a substantial speciality. These commercial lighting installations consider the customer’s needs and want for their commercial space, such as where lights should go, what types of bulbs should be used, and how much light is needed.

These commercial electricians working on commercial interior lighting installations know that commercial interior lighting can make or break a commercial space, and it’s their job to help clients achieve the desired effect with their commercial interior light design.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fan installations are a very popular service we offer. A commercial ceiling fan installation will entail a commercial electrician obtaining the necessary wiring and applying it to the designated location. The commercial electrician will have to connect the wire from the wiring box to the ceiling-mounted unit, typically equipped with remote control.

Installation can also entail installing multiple fans at one time without compromising the quality of electricity output. Installing commercial ceiling fans provides a cooling effect by producing airflow, reducing the central AC system load, and saving energy.

Aircon Installation

Commercial air conditioning installation includes commercial refrigeration installation, commercial environmental air-conditioning, commercial air heating and ventilation systems.

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Why Hire Us For Your Commercial Electrician Needs In Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast?

On Electrical Contractors offers professional and licenced electrician services throughout the Brisbane & Sunshine Coast areas. Our services are fully insured and we have over 20 years of real-world experience in the commercial sector.

Other Commercial Electrician Services Include:

  • Electrical Repair
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Lighting Protection Solutions
  • Security Alarms Systems
  • Fire Alarms Systems
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Power Point Installation
  • High Voltage Electrical Works
  • Emergency Light Fitting Services
  • New Building Wiring and Installation
  • Safety Switches
  • And much more

Commercial Electrician Qualifications in Australia

To become a commercial electrician in Australia, you will need an apprenticeship which is for four years. You will be required to complete the Certificate III in Electrical trade or higher qualification before you can claim qualifications in Australia.

You may also need to meet the competency standards. These standards are set out by the Association of Electrical Inspectors and carry a certification.

Electricians with qualifications will need to have a range of skills, knowledge and experience. The range of skills includes commercial electrical installation, commercial fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.

They will also need commercial electrical maintenance knowledge. This includes commercial ac wiring work, commercial dc wiring work and commercial generator installation. There is also commercial network cabling work commercial power distribution knowledge.

Some Of Our Other Electrical Services in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast Include:

Commercial Electrician Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

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