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An electrician isn’t a one-size-fits-all trade. Many electricians can cater to industrial, commercial, and residential needs depending on their skill set. You should be able to distinguish between an industrial electrician and a commercial one before you hire an electrician. Although they may appear similar on the surface, each one focuses on different areas.

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What is an Industrial Electrician?

An industrial electrician is responsible for the installation, repair, testing, maintenance, and inspection of electrical equipment. Usually, industrial electricians work in factories, plants, and mines. This type of industry requires advanced knowledge and experience to manage complex equipment.

Where do they work?

Many industrial electricians work in Australia for large-scale electrical companies, including car manufacturers, steel producers, mining businesses, and steel producers. These electricians can do all kinds of work, but they are primarily skilled in hydraulic, pneumatic, or other operative machinery. Industrial electricians must also be proficient in the use of robotics and other specialised equipment in these industries. They communicate with maintenance supervisors or managers of the facility and perform repairs, maintenance, and safety checks.

Which situations should they be used?

A large factory’s operation will be managed by an industrial electrician. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and efficiency, and proper functioning of critical machinery. These are the responsibilities and duties of industrial electricians:

  • Installation of new electrical systems
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment
  • Troubleshooting electric equipment

An industrial electrician must have years of apprenticeship under their belt, along with the relevant certificates and qualifications. Industrial electricians must be able to handle high voltage systems and other electrical components in factories, as they have different electricity and power requirements than other areas of the electricity trade.

The following are the most common industrial electrician services:

  • Distribution and power upgrades
  • Rewiring and general wiring
  • Switchboards
  • Emergency electrician services
  • Connectivity
  • Underground work
  • Energy saving

Why Are They Needed?

An industrial electrician might be needed for many reasons. An industrial electrician is needed when installing new electricals. This includes wiring and lighting. You can be sure everything is done safely by having a qualified and experienced electrician available. Protecting your employees and your property is essential.

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An industrial electrician might be needed for repairs and ongoing maintenance. If you have a problem, an experienced electrician can help. An electrician can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution. An electrician can provide ongoing maintenance to your electrical equipment and system, which will prevent future problems and reduce the need for more expensive repairs. An industrial electrician can also handle emergency repairs.

How To Choose a Qualified and Licenced Industrial Electrician?

If you want to ensure that your work is done safely and according to the highest standards, hiring an experienced industrial electrician is crucial. An industrial electrician is qualified and experienced enough to do the job and can use specialised equipment. To find an electrician of a high standard, make sure you verify their training, licensure, and experience.

An industrial electrician must have the necessary technical skills and experience. However, they should also be able to communicate effectively. Industrial electricians need to work in a team and communicate about their work clearly, even if they work alone. They must be able not only to work with electricians but also with support staff and other professionals.

It’s a smart idea to look at testimonials, reviews, and recommendations when searching for an electrician. This will allow you to see how their previous customers felt about them.

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Commercial Electricians Vs Industrial Electricians In Brisbane

What is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians focus on electrical installations, repair, maintenance, safety checks, and inspections in commercial offices, retail shops, and other places. Commercial electricians can also plan, design and diagram electrical systems particular to the workplace’s requirements, as well as the conduits of pipes or tubing needed by local electrical laws and codes.

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Commercial electricians mainly work with hand tools, including pliers and knives, screwdrivers, along power tools and monitoring instruments. They can work with many customers, including builders, office workers, and building owners. Some jobs may require specialisation. Repair and maintenance work is most common in residential buildings. A commercial electrician will be working for or with medium-to-large buildings and businesses. This includes shopping malls, government buildings, and high rises.

Which situations should they be used?

A commercial electrician may be needed if you own or manage an office, franchise or business. A commercial electrician is required for work that requires wiring, rewiring, or the laying of cables. Commercial electricians also perform the following duties:

  • Rewiring or installing new equipment
  • Installation of security alarm systems and electrical elements such as switches or lights
  • Respecting local, state and federal guidelines for wiring and electric systems
  • Heating and cooling system maintenance
  • Designing and working with current blueprints
  • Assisting in the training of apprentices and leading a team.

The most common of both professions is that of commercial electricians. Commercial work centres around the efficient execution of electrical and wiring elements in a business. Relevant education is essential for a commercial electrician. Post-apprenticeship programs are also required. Commercial electricians are often a step towards becoming electrical engineers.

The Last Word on Industrial and Commercial Electricians

Both commercial and industrial electricians need to have a basic knowledge of electrical technology. While both must have a basic understanding of the electrical field, they specialise in different areas. Industrial electricians can troubleshoot problems in the manufacturing sector. Still, commercial electricians can repair and maintain electrical systems at the central workplace.

Understanding the difference between the two should assist you in determining which electrician is fitting for your requirements or projects. Need to hire an electrician in North Brisbane? Our electricians have 100+ five star reviews, so you acknowledge you are in safe hands. Contact us today to learn how to help you grow your business and make it a power user.

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