Switchboard Upgrade & Replacement Brisbane

Switchboard Upgrades & Replacement brisbane

What You Need To Know About a Fuse Box & Switchboard Upgrade

Suppose you are encountering repeated electrical problems within your home. In that case, this is a strong indication that your house or business requires a fuse box upgrade. The leading causes for this upgrade are that many fuse and switch boxes are worn and can no longer keep up with current appliances. For safety purposes, it is suggested that if your fuse box is more than 10 years old, then you will require a fuse box upgrade.

Why Do You Need To Replace a Switchboard?

Fuse boxes are excellent for the home or business. They are enclosed, solid boxes that provide electrical switches around the clock. They also come in different sizes for residential use, businesses, commercial buildings and industrial applications that desire protection from electrical fires and shocks.

They provide switches and fuses that not only protect you, your friends and family as well as your employees from injury, fires and much more, but also give you a way to safely manage your electricity supply.

However, this is where the problems start. Many properties have older switchboards and this can lead to inadequate supply as they can’t keep up with the demands of modern appliances.

Signs indicating that you should replace your fuse box include:

  • New appliances short circuit regularly
  • Repeated trip switches
  • Outdated circuit breakers
  • Overheated cabling
  • Repeated flickering lights

What Are Ceramic Fuses?

Ceramic fuses or otherwise recognised as SERF (semi-enclosed rewire-able fuses) remain the most antiquated form of home electrical protection. SERFs typically included running fuse wires around screws and then securing those back into your fuse box. As they are outdated, they often short circuit and can be a serious electrical hazard if attached to modern appliances. It is highly advised to get a fuse box upgrade if you possess a ceramic fuse.

What can happen if I don’t upgrade?

If a family or business doesn’t upgrade their fuse box, then a poor electrical solution could lead to electrical fires, poor and unreliable power, injuries and even death.

The most likely source of damage is from faulty electrical products and devices, like TVs, microwaves, VCRs, and computers or a faulty switchboard can cause monetary and production damage to commercial and industrial-scale applications through downtime or injury to your employees. An upgrade to your existing fuse box can save lives and money.

Switchboard Upgrade & Replacement Brisbane 41Fuse Box Safety

Safety is one of the foremost considerations regarding your switchboard upgrade. Many people question why upgrading their fuse box to an equivalent electric transformer may be the right decision. The reason for this is because they are replacing one dangerous outlet with another potentially dangerous outlet.

This includes transformers which can deliver huge amounts of power. This means that if the fuse box does not have enough protection to help lower the voltage, then there is a great chance that a huge amount of energy could cause harm. The very next consideration to bear in mind is to find out if your local Brisbane based electrician company has the experience to provide you with a safe and efficient upgrade.

Never Attempt Any Electrical Repair Or Upgrade Yourself!

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Improving the system allows you to better control your electrical devices. This includes products such as home appliances, computers, televisions, and other electrical devices. This allows you to eliminate any faults in your system that may be present.

This upgrade will also increase your system reliability. This means that you will not need to worry about having an overload of current. By upgrading your fuse box, you are not at the mercy of when it is going to overheat, blow, or explode.

Hiring an electrical contractor for a switchboard upgrade will help you to maintain your home or business electricity requirements professionally and safely. You get cleaner, safer and more reliable energy in today’s modern world.


An electrical system upgrade is a fairly common repair. However, what many customers fail to realize is that this investment in their home can save them money and even make them money.

When they upgrade their home’s electrical system, they can expect significant energy savings and in the end, will be happier with their new improved system. This upgrade should not be overlooked as one of the great home improvement projects that can be done this year.

Signs That a Home or Business Needs and Electrical Upgrade

  • Your power points are discoloured
  • Your power points are warm or hot
  • Sparks are created when you plug in any appliance (New or old)
  • There is an electrical burning odour
  • You get electrical shocks when plugging in appliances


How much does it cost to upgrade a switchboard?

Like all items, the price of a modern switchboard is dependent on its size and capacity. While some materials are more expensive than other brands, you don’t want to sacrifice quality – use a licensed electrician who does not cut corners with pricing.

How do you upgrade a switchboard?

Your switchboard upgrade will include replacing all ceramic fuses for modern, safe circuit breakers and RCDs. This happens in a neat enclosure, along with the rewiring/tidying of the cables in the back of your panel, before concluding with the testing of the entire installation and residence.

When should I upgrade my switchboard?

Reasons for Upgrading Your Switchboard

A fuse box that is antiquated, most likely including ceramic fuses. Lights around the building flicker at irregular times. When too many appliances are being utilised, the fuses blow more regularly. Appliances short circuit quite frequently.

Why should you upgrade your switchboard?

If your switchboard is ageing, odds are so are additional sections of your home electrical system. The method of updating your switchboard can identify any areas of imminent problems throughout the electrical arrangements of your home.

Are ceramic fuses illegal in Queensland?

They are not illegal in existing dwellings. You cannot install them in new fittings.

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