Why You Should Replace Older Appliances With Newer Ones

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Why you should replace your outdated appliances with newer, more efficient models

Did you know that your household appliances are responsible for approximately one-third of your electricity bill, and around 45% of the household’s greenhouse gas emissions? Older appliances consume significantly more energy than newer models. A dishwasher from the early 1990s consumes 40% more water than a modern model and uses on average twice as much energy.

A fridge or freezer that was made before 1999 when strict Minimum Energy Performance Standards were established, uses 40% more energy. Housing Plus has an energy watt monitor that can help you determine how much your appliances use and what it costs.

Find energy-efficient appliances and save money

You can use an energy rating calculator It allows you to research the appliance before you purchase and is very easy to use. You can download this free app at www.energyrating.gov.au. If you don’t want to use the app, this website has an energy rating calculator. The Energy Rating Label is a government-regulated tool that compares energy efficiency and the running cost of appliances before you purchase them. This will help you save money on your electricity bills.

How does Appliance Energy Star Ratings work?

Why You Should Replace Older Appliances With Newer Ones 45

The star rating refers to energy efficiency. It is the measure of how efficient a model is relative to other models of the same size. A model with more stars is considered to be more efficient than models of the same size. The majority of products get between 1 and 6 stars. Technology is improving all the time, as well as energy efficiency.

These super-efficient models are available online and in stores with as many as 10 stars. Tip: First choose the model that you require in terms of size or capacity. Then, use the star rating to help you compare the models. What is energy consumption? What is energy consumption? It refers to how much electricity a model consumes.

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It is based upon standardised testing, which is required by law. The tests were conducted in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standards. The energy consumption number can be used to compare any model, regardless of its capacity.

The model’s cost to operate is lower if the number is lower. This will also reduce your electricity bills. Tip: Choose an appliance that consumes less energy to reduce your electricity bill. Calculate your running expenses with simple math using the Energy Rating Label. It’s simple: simply take the energy consumption in kWh number on the star rating labels and divide it by 4. If a washing machine’s Energy Rating Label says that it consumes 400 kWh per year, then it will run at about $100 annually. This calculation assumes that 25 cents is the average cost per kWh.

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