6 signs that your office needs to have its electrical systems maintained

Regular electrical maintenance is essential for preventing accidents and incidents in the office, the safety of your staff, and the safety of the public. It can also increase the energy efficiency of your premises and reduce your commercial power bills. This is in addition to the annual standard tag and test.

While a schedule of regular electrical maintenance is the best, it’s still important to know the top signs your office may need professional maintenance. We have listed six signs that indicate you need to contact a commercial electrical contractor for maintenance.

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Sparkles when unplugging/plugging appliances

Sparks can be seen when you plug in your appliances or unplug them. This is a sign that you need to have an electrician inspect your office outlets. This can sometimes be normal. It is usually caused by a rapid drawdown of the power supply and has no serious underlying consequences.

Sometimes sparks could indicate a serious problem. The sparks could be caused by excessive heat buildup in your electrical outlets. This could lead to other problems, such as melting insulation around your wires. This could then cause an electrical fire.

However, sparks can also be caused by water leakage in the cabling, which can cause the circuit to shorten. Another issue is the age of your outlet. An older outlet may have looser connections that can increase the chance of short circuits or an electrical fire. Other potential causes include faulty repair or older appliance cables.

Circuit breaker trip

Although it’s not uncommon for a circuit breaker to trip, it should be reported if it happens on a regular basis. The office manager will often just rest the circuit breaker every time it trips. This can make it difficult to find the root cause of the problem. It is crucial to determine the root cause of a circuit breaker that trips frequently.

Circuit breakers can trip when the circuit is too shorted to ground or overload. Shorted circuits can occur when the conductors, such as wires and windings inside the motor, touch earth. The problem could also be caused by a particular component. An experienced and qualified electrician can conduct an electrical safety inspection and examine the wiring and components in order to find the problem and fix it. This will ensure that your office is not interrupted.

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Overloaded circuits are more complicated and will require a qualified electrician to test the equipment. A qualified electrician can attach earth or ground wires to electrical outlets. This will help to minimize the chance of serious injury in case of a short circuit and protect you from electrical overload. It also helps stabilize your voltage levels.

6 signs that your office needs to have its electrical systems maintained
6 signs that your office needs to have its electrical systems maintained

Flickering office lights

Although flickering office lighting may seem minor, it can be a problem if it becomes a frequent occurrence. It can also cause serious health problems and make your staff feel uncomfortable. Flickering lights that are persistent can cause vision problems, headaches, migraines, and lower energy levels. You may also experience an increase in electricity costs.

An electrician licensed in Brisbane will diagnose the problem. It could be the lightbulb itself or the electrical fitting. Or something more serious, like an overloaded circuit or frayed wiring. The latter can result in a power shortage or overload if there are too many electrical devices or appliances plugged into one circuit. Alternatively, your circuit wiring may not be up to current electrical safety standards.

Your flickering lights may be affecting multiple rooms or circuits in your office. This could indicate a larger problem. It could be an issue with your cables or other power sources. It is imperative that you immediately call a licensed electrician to perform any electrical maintenance.

Warm electrical outlets

Are the electrical outlets in your office ever warm? If so, it’s likely that your commercial electrician has neglected to perform a safety inspection and conduct maintenance visits. An outlet that is hot or wary after unplugging an electrical device or even without any plugs in is an indication of a more serious problem. Professionals should inspect outlets that are damaged, worn, broken, or chipped. If necessary, they can be replaced or repaired.

The process of converting power from AC to DC can cause electrical outlets to heat up. This is when the voltage input (AC), to a usable and storable output(DC), is changed. After one hour, unplug the appliance. The outlet should be at room temperature.

It is best to not plug more than one device into a circuit. It can be difficult to determine which outlets are connected to the same circuit-wire series, so ask your electrician. In older properties, it is possible to have an older breaker that was replaced by a high-ampacity breaker. This could cause higher current levels than what the circuit was intended for. This could lead to a warm outlet, which can be an indication of mismatched wiring. Your electrician can correct this.

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Your building is an older one.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a computer expert to understand that older buildings might need more frequent and more extensive maintenance, checks, and assessments. An experienced electrician should inspect your old office building before you move in. Your electrical wiring and setup may be decades old. There are higher chances that the insulation around your wiring is inadequate, worn out, or out-of-date.

It is a smart idea to have regular electrical maintenance done by a trusted, reliable electrician. An electrician can inspect and replace the insulation and wiring, as well as install safety switches to increase security. An electrician can run all necessary safety tests to ensure that the older wiring can safely support the load being plugged into.

If you don’t have an electrical maintenance program, you could lose time and money. Your workers could be at greater risk of injury or death.

Burning smell when switching on appliances

Although it may seem obvious, if there is a burning odour when you switch on an appliance, call an electrician immediately. Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the office. It is the old saying, “If you see it, say it.”

What is the cost of electrical maintenance In Brisbane Northside and the Sunshine Coast?

An extensive commercial electrical maintenance program can help your business reduce risks, increase safety, and lower costs. Working with a licensed electrician can help you eliminate overhead power wasters, potential interruptions to your business, as well as provide your employees with a safe, efficient work environment.

Are you looking for an electrician to help with your office’s electrical maintenance in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast? Contact our team of experts today for more information.

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