What are the best times to have an electrical inspection In Brisbane

An electrical safety inspection in Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast can ensure that your business or home’s wiring is in working order and does not pose any danger to you or your family.

An extensive electrical inspection could include the following:

  • Assessing electrical hazards
  • Examining for permanent wiring that is not covered
  • Examining exposed wires
  • Verify that the wiring is not in good condition
  • Safety switches tested
  • The power box:
  • Safety switches should be checked
  • Testing of power points and lighting
  • Assessing the quality of electrical service
  • Evaluate whether there is any DIY wiring in the home
  • Identifying and testing smoke alarms
  • Check for electrical devices that are not in compliance with the current government regulations.

It can be difficult to know when an electrician should visit your home.

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It is essential to have an electrical inspection done before you buy a house. This will help to find any potential electrical problems that could be costly to fix. If you discover any faults in the property, an electrical inspection may help you negotiate a better price.

Sometimes, an electrical inspection may be included in the pre-purchase property inspection report or building inspection. This will include plumbing, heating, kitchen appliance, fire safety and foundations. However, you should verify that this is true.

Understanding the plumbing system in the house is particularly important, so if the property inspection doesn’t cover this, then you’ll need to hire a plumber to inspect it.

To avoid electrocutions and blackouts, and other expensive damages, they can provide a comprehensive plumbing report.

According to the QLD Government’s Office of Fair Trading, a building inspector won’t normally inspect electrical wiring or smoke alarms. However, these are very important things that should be checked before you commit to purchasing a home. It is recommended that an electrician be hired to inspect the wiring, check the outlets, inspect the electrical panel, and look for smoke alarms. It doesn’t matter where you live. It is important that your building inspector has been licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

If your house is old or you have any concerns

An electrical inspection is recommended if you are experiencing electrical problems such as frequent power outages, tripped breakers or other problems. It can also identify safety issues or deficiencies. The inspection will reveal whether any appliances or circuits are overloading, defective work has been done, or any issues with earthing.

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Another reason to have an electric inspection done is:

  • If the house has been in existence for more than 25 years.
  • If your wiring is old.
  • If you have done any DIY work.


Storm damage or flooding can cause severe disruptions to your home’s electricity supply. A storm could cause electrical faults that can be dangerous to your safety or the safety of your loved ones. If your home has suffered major storm damage, it is important to take every precaution to ensure your safety.

Prepare for a storm.

There are many things you can do to make sure your home is ready for major storms.

  • Test safety switches on every circuit in your switchboard to make sure they work properly.
  • Turn off all appliances you don’t use.
  • To reduce the damage caused by electricity spikes and general power surges, you should consider installing a surge protector. This will protect expensive appliances such as televisions and A/C units.
  • Avoid all wires, cables, appliances, fixed telephones, and lights during storms.

After a storm

If your home is damaged by storm damage, the following steps should be taken:

  • If you have water in your home and it is affecting electrical wiring, power outlets or other electrical installations, contact a licensed electrician immediately to inspect the property. You should not touch or unplug appliances while you wait.
  • Before you use any electrical appliances that were damaged by water from the storm, make sure they are checked by a licensed electrician.
  • Before the Distribution Entity can reconnect your power, you’ll need a certificate of testing from an electrician if your electricity was cut off during the flood.

You can find more information about what to do after a storm in our article on Staying safe from electrical hazards following a storm or flood.

Electrical Safety Inspection In Brisbane - Best Times to have One


Even if your home has been vacant for a while, it is still necessary to have electrical inspections. It may surprise you to learn that Australian householders have a legal obligation to maintain a safe home. This includes the safe use of electricity. Although the rules can vary from one state to another, the NSW Government of Fair Trading has these five rules that people should remember to meet their legal safety obligations. These are:

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Maintain regular maintenance

It is important to ensure that all appliances, wiring, earthing connections, and switches are in working order, especially if you have a property older than 25 years. Contact a licensed electrician if you suspect there is a problem.

If electrical work has been done on the property, you will need a certificate of compliance.

Your electrician should issue you a unique ‘Certificate Of Compliance Electrical Work’ to prove that electrical work has been completed on your property. This is true in all states. It’s important that you keep a record of these to ensure future electrical work.

Safety switches are worth considering.

Installing a Residual Current device (RCD) is something you should seriously consider. RCD’s also known as safety switches, monitor current flow and provide a quick power cut for problem situations. RCD’s can be crucial in protecting you and your family against electrical hazards that are difficult to spot.

If you have any electrical issues, contact your landlord immediately.

You should immediately report electrical problems to your landlord or real estate agent if you rent your property. Electric repairs should be considered a priority because landlords have a legal obligation to maintain all electrical fittings and installations in safe working order.

If you have any questions about an electrical accident, please inform your electrician.

You must report any electrical accident that requires medical attention to your electricity provider. Any work-related electric accidents must also be reported to the appropriate work safety arrangement for your state.

Always use a licensed electrician.

These steps will help you to avoid any potential dangers with electricity. An electrician should be qualified to conduct an electrical inspection. For any questions about when an electrical inspection should be performed on your property, call 1800 752 846 to speak with a licensed electrician in Brisbane Northside.

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