how to keep electricity bills down in winter

Many people are looking for ways to heat their homes in winter as the weather gets colder. Heating your home can be costly. We have 13 simple steps that will help you keep your winter bills low. As cooler weather approaches, our electricity usage in the home rises and eventually spikes, leading to high energy bills.

Australian homeowners might overlook to account for the fact that energy consumption can rise up to 20% in the winter months.

On Electrical Contractors, one of North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coasts leading electrical companies, have presented some top tips on how to stay warm through the cooler months without the added expense.

Heating is the main issue.

Heating during winter accounts for approximately 40% of household energy consumption. You can buy the most efficient heater that you can afford and heat only the rooms that are required.

The thermostat should be kept at 18-20C. You should not heat your house or home too much. Your heating costs will increase by 10% for every degree that your heater is programmed above 18-20C.

Programming Your Heater Is Essential

Your heater can be used economically. It should be turned on for 20 minutes prior to your first wake-up call. Then, it should turn off for 20 minutes before you leave the house or go to bed. Turn on an electric blanket to heat the bed, then turn it off before falling asleep.

The size of your appliance is important.

Consider the size of the appliances you will need to heat different areas of your home. To save energy, you can use small heaters in the bathroom to heat up the entire house.

How To Keep Your Electricity Bill Down In Winter

Stop Hot Water Wasting

Heating water is the largest energy user in a household. You can save energy by making minor adjustments in your home, like installing water-efficient showerheads or cold water settings on washing machines and dishwashers.

Air-sourced heat pumps are also extremely energy efficient. These heat pumps extract heat from nearby air, and homeowners can save up to 80% on their hot water energy costs.

Waste Not, Want Not

It is important to avoid using energy in winter. When they’re not being used, turn off electric devices. Hang your clothes outside if it is sunny.

To keep warm at night, turn off the heater and put extra covers on your mattress. Remember to turn off your heating before you leave the house in the morning.

How to Reuse Heat

Winter is going to see us rely on energy. There are many hacks that you can use to increase the energy you have to keep warm.

Been baking? After you are done baking, leave the oven door open. The warm air from the oven will warm the room. Do you want to take a bath? Do not turn on the bath fan or allow humidity to heat the water.

Did you know that ceiling fans have a winter mode?

Ceiling fans often have a switch located above the blades that allow you to switch between winter and summer mode.

The ceiling fan can be set to winter mode. This will cause the blades to reverse their action and allow warm air from the ceiling to flow into the room. This will heat up your home in winter. Keep your fan running at a low speed for best results.

Check out the Windows

Windows lose ten times as much heat as walls, so it is important to ensure they are ready for winter. You should check for gaps between your frames and windows to reduce heat loss. You could save money by sealing any cracks in your windows and frames.

Double glazing windows are an option that can help you retain heat inside your home.

Make your curtains work for you.

Window coverings should be used intelligently. Let in the sun during the day, especially on north-facing windows. Close them at night to seal any drafts around windows and doors.

Let the Heating Vent Work for You

To ensure heat circulates as efficiently as possible, make sure heating vents are open and any rugs or fittings in the way are removed.

Seal up cracks in walls or foundations

Cracks and holes can allow heat to escape from the outside. Weather strippers can be used for windows and doors, and gap filler is used to fix cracks and holes in walls.

Hire An Electrician

Hire a professional and licensed electrician to come out and check the appliances, air conditioning, wiring, lights and other electrical elements of your home. These are great ways to give you peace of mind regarding the best ways to reduce your winter energy bills.

Get warm clothes

Put on a warm jumper or a dressing gown before you turn on the heater. Then, see how it feels. It’s best to have several layers of clothing when dressing for winter. This helps you to be more comfortable and also makes it easier to change clothes according to the temperature.

You should also choose materials that retain heat, such as fleece and wool. You can also keep your feet warm with slippers or socks. This will help to maintain your body’s heat.

How To Keep Your Electricity Bill Down In Winter