Air Conditioner Dripping Water - What's The Problem

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Air Conditioner Dripping Water – What’s The Problem?

Air conditioners all collect some moisture during normal operation. Air conditioners cool by moving air through an evaporator coil. The air loses some of the ability to retain humidity as it cools. Water droplets will form just like a cold beverage left on a warm day. These droplets are collected in a drip tray when everything is working properly. Your air conditioner type is either pumped outdoors or drained down a drain line.

It is a sign that your air conditioner is not working properly. Leakage can be caused by many things. Most of these will require the assistance of a professional technician to fix.

Continue reading to learn the most common reasons that your air conditioner drips water and what you can do, if any, about it.

8 Reasons Why your air conditioner is leaking water.

Here are 8 possible causes for your air conditioner leaking water. No matter what the reason, you should turn off your unit immediately to avoid further damage.

  • The outside temperature is too cold. – Let’s say the temperature outside drops to 16° Celsius (60° Fahrenheit). Your cooling coils could freeze and leak water when they thaw. This problem is most common in the late and early cooling seasons. Cool-weather is the best time to turn off your air conditioner
  • Clogged Air Filter – Your air filter can block the airflow from the coils of the evaporator. They will ice and can cause water to drip when they thaw. While it is important to keep your filters clean, they can be easy to forget. Check your air conditioner filters if water is leaking. Let’s say you have eliminated all the above causes. If that happens, your problem is more serious, and you should contact a professional technician to fix it. To prevent further damage to your home and unit, it is best that you leave the unit on until they arrive.
  • A broken condenser pump could be a problem. – Imagine that your air conditioner is inside the structure. It may be equipped with a condensation pump that pushes the water outside. The pump will stop water from escaping and cause it to build up, eventually causing leakage. This will need to be addressed by the pump.
  • An incorrectly installed unit could cause problems. – Your unit should have been fitted with a vent line and a P trap when it was installed. This prevents water from getting back into the drip pan if there is negative pressure. These are essential to prevent water from leaking into the drip pan.
  • The drain hole has been blocked. – A clogged drain is one of the main reasons that air conditioners start to drip water. Clogged drain holes can be clogged by debris and dust. Once the pan is full, water will not go anywhere and start to drip down the sides. Drain line cleaning should be part of the regular maintenance of your air conditioner unit.
  • Air leakage – Imagine that your ductwork hasn’t been properly sealed and insulated. If this happens, humid ambient air could be drawn into your system, which can then mix with the cool air inside your ducts to cause condensation. Drips form when this water finds a way out.
  • Low refrigerant levels – Low refrigerant can cause the coils of an air conditioner to freeze when it is in use. This ice melts and can overflow the drip pan every time the unit turns off. This type of leak can lead to serious structural damage and even health problems.
  • Drain line disconnected – Let’s suppose there was any activity in the area of your air conditioner unit. If this happens, your drain line could have been cut or disconnected. PVC piping can be damaged by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Unfortunately, not all installers are diligent about properly securing joints on non-pressurized lines.
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Your air conditioner can leak water for many reasons. Some issues are simple to fix, such as unclogging a drain hole or replacing a damaged drain line. Others, on the other hand, can cause serious problems that, if left untreated, could lead to costly repairs or even the failure of your whole heating and cooling system.

Regular maintenance with a qualified AC company is the best way to avoid these problems.

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