Air Conditioning Replacement 8 Clues It’s Time For A New Unit

An air conditioner can make all the difference in your comfort when temperatures rise. Unfortunately, even the best things in life have to come to an end, and that includes your AC system. How do you know when your AC unit is due for replacement? While you will get a lot of use out of an air conditioner that has been well maintained, it won’t last forever. We’ve compiled a list of signs it may be time to replace your air conditioner.

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Is your air conditioner in need of replacement?

It is not possible to force hot or cold air in conjunction with temperature settings.

While an older unit or one with less functionality may still blow air through the ducts, it may not be hot or cold enough to meet your needs. This could indicate that interior components are damaged.

Imagine, for example, that you have set the temperature to cold but still feel the warm air. If that happens, your unit’s refrigerant levels may be low or empty. A leak is likely because the refrigerant draws heat from the surrounding area to lower its temperature.

Fluctuating temperatures can also be a warning sign that trouble is ahead. Are there areas of your home that seem cold while others feel warm and humid? A faulty compressor could be the cause. This can be more costly than replacing your unit over time.

Excessive moisture or leaks

There is no need to be concerned about the large air conditioners if there is a small amount of moisture or condensation outside. However, it is best to contact a professional immediately if there is any moisture or condensation outside your home.

It is dangerous to work with electrical components near water. With its harsh chemical makeup, the refrigerant must only be handled by a trained professional who recognises its health and safety risks.

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The specialist technician will identify the source of the leak and recommend the best solution for you.

Airflow is reduced

Maybe you have set your thermostat to cool temperatures but found that it is still too hot. This is a sign that your AC compressor may be failing. You can check your AC system for possible airflow obstructions, but it might be time to reinvest and get a new unit.

Air Conditioning Replacement 8 Clues It’s Time For A New Unit

Cycling for short distances

Perhaps your air conditioner keeps shutting off, and you have to turn it back on. Perhaps it’s been slow to start. These are indicators that the system isn’t working as it should.

It’s quite common for an air conditioner system to cycle on/off as a way of maintaining a temperature set, but constant stopping and starting can be a sign that it is malfunctioning.

The short cycling can exhaust your air conditioner and cause additional stress, which could eventually lead to it not working properly. Call a technician and determine if it’s a blown fuse or a defective unit. A new air conditioner system could be a smart investment if it is found to be defective.

Strange sounds and smells

An air conditioner that is running well should be quiet. Your unit should make the same noises as normal, so if your unit is making unusual sounds, it’s important to act immediately.

Although subtle variations in noise can be considered safe, these sounds indicate a serious problem with the AC compressor.

  • Hesitating can be dangerous and cause too much pressure inside.
  • Compressor components may become loose due to clapping.
  • Buzzing indicates that the fan motor has stopped working. It could also indicate that there is a problem with the relay switch or wires.

Be aware of strange odours that may be coming from your AC unit. Imagine your AC system emitting an unpleasant or unusual odour. Broken insulation or mouldy ductwork could be the cause. Both of these are serious issues. Mould and mildew can cause significant health problems for anyone who lives in your home.

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Frequent repairs

Your AC shouldn’t be serviced more than once or twice per year to ensure it is in top condition.

If your air conditioner is causing you anxiety more than comfort, then it may be time to replace the stress of routine repairs with a new unit. This could actually be more economical in the long term because of more efficient energy management.

It’s often the case that repeated predicaments will only indicate more serious problems in the future. This is particularly true if the unit is not covered by warranty. You’ll need to cover these repairs yourself. Avoid the hassle and think about air conditioner replacement before it is too late.

Energy bills are rising.

In some instances, your air conditioner might appear to be working fine, but your energy efficiency standards for many goods in Australia. However, an air conditioner that was purchased before 2012 is unlikely to meet these standards. An older unit might also have an HFC (R-22) refrigerant, which can harm the ozone layer.

This is not only potentially harmful to the environment but also means that you will have higher energy costs than with modern air conditioners. It might be time for you to replace your unit.

Get your air conditioner replaced today.

We recommend that you contact a professional immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. You can enjoy summer with a quiet, efficient, energy-efficient and hassle-free replacement unit by replacing your old unit.

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