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What are test and tag services?

Electrical Test and Tag services are used to identify the safety of appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, commercial and industrial electrical equipment and more. This blog post will talk about the types of tests done for these appliances and what is checked to pass or not pass a test.

Test and Tag Services are crucial to any company that wants to provide a safe environment for its employees. Test and Tag services help companies in many ways, including providing the appropriate safety equipment, ensuring workers have been tested for hazardous substances, checking proper maintenance of machinery is completed on time, and much more. This article will explore the types of tests available through these services and what appliances are tested and tagged.

Where are test and tag services completed?

Test and tag services test appliances to the applicable test criteria for safety compliance. Depending on project requirements, test and tag services are completed at a test and tag facility or onsite. Types of locations can be residential, commercial and industrial properties. Conducting regular tests on your electrical equipment and appliances mean you are complying with local and state laws.

What are the types of tests and tags completed in Australia?

The test and tag process is a series of inspections, tests, and public notifications conducted by licenced electricians, Australian government departments, industry associations, or other test bodies on an electrical system or appliance or product to issue a test certificate.

Test certificates are used to document compliance with safety standards such as AS/NZS ISO 13849-1 (1997), the Electrical Equipment Safety Act 2010, Building Code Of Australia 2012 and A New Tax System (Goods And Services) Act 1999.

Common test types are Quality Acceptance Test and Emission Test, but there are many more. Appliances that require testing can include electric goods, plug-in electrical goods, gas appliances and hot water systems, which undergo tests including safety inspection, electrical health inspection or boiler/furnace test.

Certificates are usually valid for 12 months from the test date. They must be renewed before expiration if there is any significant change or modification to the equipment. After that, most certificates expire annually but can remain current until an event that may result in a variation such as relocation, replacement part installation or significant maintenance work that could affect compliance with standards.

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To comply with requirements, it’s vital to ensure your electrical appliances have been tested according to the relevant standard, so you know they meet safety regulations required by law. Most businesses will require certification at least once per year, depending on their industry. However, this is dependent on the type of business and location (some states do not provide test services).

Many companies offer & tag services however it is important to ensure the test is issued by a government-accredited test body or accredited electrician and that all relevant electrical safety regulations for QLD have been met.

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How often do you need to test and tag electrical equipment Qld?

You should have an electrical appliance or system tested and tagged at least once a year.

According to Australian standards, test and tag are required after:

  • a fault on an electrical circuit is found but before the change is made.
  • a power point or appliance has been removed.
  • test and tag were not done when the development started or when services are transferred to another occupier.
  • if the test and tag status for that fixture cannot be verified (for example, the tests were performed more than five years ago).

The electrical appliance’s test and tag frequency requirement is determined by the Electrical Safety Act to prevent injury or death from electrical accidents.

What happens if I test but don’t have my appliance tagged?

If you test an electrical appliance but do not produce a new tag, then you may be breaking the law. This could result in prosecution and fines. The test and tag only apply to appliances that we instruct require:

Regulators, Pool pumps, Tumble dryers, etc. All other appliances (including table lamps) would not require testing unless they are modified/adapted in such a way as to increase the test and tag frequency requirement.

Are test and tag services a legal requirement in Qld?

Test and tag is a requirement under Queensland’s new building defect legislation. Test and tag services are undertaken as part of the Home Building Act when builders are employed by homeowners. These services are also required in any commercial or industrial property periodically to comply with WHS (Workplace Health & Safety).

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Who can do an electrical test and tag service?

A professional test and tag service electrician is required for testing an electrical appliance or system. These services are usually carried out after building work is completed on a property or for commercial and industrial properties where appliances, devices and machines are in use across multiple dwellings must be periodically tested.

Why should I have test and tag services completed?

  • Test and tag services will assure that defects with your electrical system are correctly identified to allow appropriate rectification and prevent damage.
  • test and tags can highlight wiring issues or appliance faults that could prove costly in time or cost if not addressed early on.
  • test and tags keep you safe from injury by identifying safety hazards before they happen.
  • they identify potential hazards and provide peace of mind through reassurance that everything has been tested correctly according to Australian code requirements under Queensland Law
  • test and tag services provide an accurate look at your electrical system, helping you keep up to date with regulations for test and tagging appliances.
  • test and tags can be essential if there’s ever an incident involving electricity or injury caused by faulty wiring or appliances.

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