Official Electrical Safety Booklet For The Home

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Electrical Safety Guide From Electrical Safety.Gov.Au

This electrical safety booklet will explain some simple ways to make electricity safe in your home. It includes installing safety switches, maintaining your electrical equipment, and ensuring that everyone knows how electricity works. Do not attempt to install electrical wiring yourself.

It is illegal to install electrical equipment or cabling in your home without following the rules and regulations. Only licensed electricians can do this. You should be able to locate the main switch and other switches if you have multiple tariffs on your property, as well as how to shut off a solar power source.

Download the electrical safety checklist for residential properties

Home Electrical Safety Checklist

  • Safety switches have been installed in your home and should be tested every three months.
  • For electrical work, you must always hire a licensed electrician.
  • Every year, you arrange for a solar power system inspection.
  • It is easy to find the manufacturer’s instructions on using electrical equipment.
  • An electrician has checked that power poles are safe in the past five years.
  • Ceiling insulation doesn’t cover downlights.
  • Before entering the ceiling space, make sure to turn off the power.
  • Your home has no damaged switches or power points.
  • Accessible power points are protected by plastic plug covers when they are not being used to protect children.
  • You throw away damaged electrical appliances and leads (or have them properly repaired).
  • It would help if you did not use electrical appliances in areas that are wet or near pools.
  • Your home’s earth stake must be in good condition.
  • It is essential to be aware of overhead powerlines, primarily when using ladders.
  • Outside party lights can be used for outdoor purposes only.
  • Teach your children about electricity safety.

Electricity in Your House

Electricity enters the home via underground or overhead lines. Before the main feed to the switchboard of circuit breakers and fuses that control various electrical circuits in the home, your electricity consumption is measured at a box.

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The electrical power connections are the responsibility of your electricity supplier. However, they are not responsible for any infrastructure, cabling, or power poles beyond that point. Your switchboard must have a switch labelled the ‘main switch’. This switch will shut off all lighting and power circuits in your home.

A separate tariff may be used to power hot water systems or pool pumps. This switch will have its own switch. Your switchboard will have any installed safety switches. If your house is powered by solar energy, an inverter will be located nearby. An earth stake will be placed in your ground with an earth wire attached. The stake can dissipate a static discharge such as lightning strikes. This stake should not be removed or altered. It should also be checked for corrosion periodically.

Hiring an Electrician for Electrical Safety Inspections.

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