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To avoid electrocution, even if you are familiar with ceiling fan wiring, an electrician licensed in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast utilised for all systems to be installed. Multiple ceiling fans that are installed on the same day on the same property usually cost less due to bulk installation discounts.

An electrician might also be able to help you install other types of fans in your home such as an outdoor fan or exhaust fan, as well as other electrical fittings like lighting installation.

Ceiling fan replacement

An electrician can install a ceiling fan similar to the one in your existing ceiling fan. The process usually takes less time and involves taking out the old fan, assembling the fan and wiring it. Ask your installer if they will remove the fan from your home or if it is something you must do yourself.

A new connection

If your ceiling fan is not already installed and you do not have the right connection, it will be necessary to set this up before the ceiling fan can be mounted. This is more expensive than replacing an existing fan and takes longer. An electrician will have to run wires through walls and ceilings and install wall switches.

Lighting With Fan

If you are looking to reduce clutter or save space, a single ceiling outlet can power both a fan and a light fitting. You can purchase a ceiling fan and light package together or have them installed by an electrician.

Ceiling fan repair

An electrician can repair your ceiling fan if it isn’t functioning properly or making loud noises. This will save you money compared to buying and installing a new one.

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

An average fan takes around an hour to install. It all depends on the wiring and whether it is wall-controlled or remote-controlled. Also, how easy it is to install. Depending on the situation, and how much the electrician charges for it, a fan could cost between  $180-325. Each electrician is unique so it is best to get estimates from several to find the best value. People feel more comfortable with electricians that their friends and family recommend.

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Ceiling Fan Costs will vary depending upon the work involved in installing your ceiling fan. These are some common examples of additional costs that could arise from ceiling fan installation.

  • A fan with an extension rod is required for very high ceilings.
  • Extra bracing may be required for fan installation.
  • Installations that are not intended to replace an existing fan with a newer model will be considered as a replacement. Installations that are new may require additional wiring or extra work to install isolation switches or wall controllers.
  • An older property may need a fuse box upgrade before an electrician can undertake any work. This can average between $500 and 700.
  • A ceiling that is not considered standard, such as a ceiling made of concrete or with very limited access. An example is an apartment that spans floors.
  • These are just a few examples of factors that could lead to additional costs for materials and extra time for your electricians.

It is a smart idea to install multiple fans at once. This will lower the overall cost of each fan. It is also a good idea to complete any electrical work at the same time, such as installing lights or other fan-related needs.

Ceiling fans are available online or in a store

You should ensure that the warranty on any fan you buy is valid. Every brand has its warranty terms and procedures. Make sure you know what the warranty covers for any fan you purchase.

It may be a smart idea to seek the guidance of an electrician if you are looking to purchase or buy ceiling fans online, or in stores in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast. They will have the experience and training to help you choose the right brands.

Ceiling Fan Installation Services Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Ceiling fans are an economical way to cool down rooms in summer without running air conditioners all day. Jim’s Electrical can install indoor or outdoor ceiling fans. Our expert electrical team will help you find the right fan for your home.

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Ceiling fans must be installed by an electrician who is qualified under Australian law. On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd offers a variety of electrical services including new ceiling fan installation and upgrading of existing ceiling fans.

Indoor Ceiling Fans

There are many indoor ceiling fans to choose from. The fan style you choose will depend on the design of your room and the space. Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd will help you choose the right fan for your room.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool your patio or porch. Outdoor ceiling fans can be a great way for hot weather relief and comfort. For more information, contact On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd.

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