What is the Cost of Installing a Ceiling Fan

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What is the cost of installing a ceiling fan?

The cost of installing a ceiling fan can vary from $100 up to $200   depending upon the type of fan installed and how many fans are being used. Price is also affected by the complexity of the installation process. The cost of installing a ceiling fan can be increased if the electrician needs to wire the fan and attach lights.

Ceiling Fan Prices in Australia

To meet Australian standards, ceiling fans must only be installed by licensed electricians. A simple ceiling fan can be installed by a licensed electrician for $75 per hour. For more complex ceiling fan installations, the charge may go up to $80 per hour. If you require multiple fans to be installed at once, your hourly rate may drop to $70.

Many factors affect ceiling fan prices in Australia. Here are the average ceiling fan repair and installation costs that Oneflare customers paid.

Average Ceiling Fan Costs In Capital Cities

  • Sydney $150 – $450
  • Melbourne $150 – $250
  • Brisbane $150 – $550
  • Canberra $190 – $250
  • Perth $100 – $600
  • Adelaide $150 – $250

Ceiling fan installation costs are affected by several factors

Many factors can impact the price of installing a ceiling fan. These factors include:

  • The size of the fan –   Ceiling fans are more expensive for small fans than for larger ones.
  • The Brand of Fan –  There are some brands of fans that require intricate and complex electrical wiring. Those cost more to install.
  • Type of Fan  – It is more difficult and takes longer to install fans with remote controls, lights and other features. This will increase the cost of ceiling fans installation.
  • The number of Of Ceiling Fans Installed
  • Many electricians offer discounts to customers who have multiple ceiling fans installed at once. One ceiling fan may be installed for $165, but two could be installed for $300.
  • The Experience and Qualifications of the Installer   – Highly qualified, experienced electricians are often more expensive than younger electricians who have little experience in installing ceiling fans.
  • The Amount of Labour Required   – Ceiling fan installation costs can rise significantly if an electrician is required to cut through ceilings or walls, run wires, and install electrical fixtures. The cost of installing a ceiling fan by an electrician can range from $70 per hour to $95 per hour.
  • Ceiling Fan Replacement  – An electrician can simply remove an old ceiling fan from a room and install a new one. The cost of replacing a ceiling fan with Samsung models is $125 to $165.
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Installing a brand new fan with no existing fixture

The most expensive ceiling fan installation cost is for those fans that have never been installed. This means that the electrician must make holes in walls and ceilings, run wires and install fixtures. This type of ceiling fan installation will cost $650   per fan.

Additional features –   The more features that a ceiling fan comes with, the more it will cost to install. Ceiling fans that have lights, remote controls or wall switches are more costly to install. A standard ceiling fan installation might cost $100-$165.

The cost to install a ceiling fan could rise to $450   if the electrician needs to rewire, add new wiring or modify existing wiring, or work in difficult to reach areas or with very high ceilings.

Prices for different types of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans in Australia can be found at prices ranging from $50 up to $1,000. The fan’s type and complexity will determine the price. Ceiling fans are a common choice for average prices.

Type of fan & Average Ceiling Fan Costs

  • Standard Ceiling Fan $100 – $300
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fan $125 – $750
  • Ceiling fan with light $180 – $850
  • Energy Star Ceiling Fan $80 – $700

Ceiling Fan vs Air Conditioner

Ceiling fans are far more comfortable than air conditioning when it comes to cooling in the Australian heat. But, this luxury comes at a high price. Here is a quick comparison of average rates:

  • Ceiling fan – The average price is $135 – $300
  • Air Conditioners – The average price ranges from $300 up to $5,500.

Ceiling fans are usually around $200, and an additional $165   to put in depending on how complex they are. A small window unit air conditioner may cost $300, or even more. A whole-house unit will cost you $5500. You will need to add ductwork, which can cost you between $500-$2,500. High-end air conditioners can easily run between $10,000-$30,000.

How to hire a ceiling fan installer

It is crucial to hire the right ceiling fan installer. There are many things that you need to know. These are:

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How to Make an Accurate Estimate

  • Find ceiling fan prices in your local area
  • Talk to multiple electricians
  • Learn about the costs of ceiling fans installation by family members and friends

Hiring an Electrician

  • Get a list of electricians in your area
  • Find out which people have had success installing ceiling fans.
  • Check that they are qualified and licensed


To install ceiling fans in Australia, you must have a licensed electrician. In Australia, you can’t do electrical work without a license. This could be dangerous for your safety and health. The following class licenses are required to install ceiling fans:

  • Electrical PractitionerElectrical Worker
  • Engineer – Electrical
  • Electrical Contractor

What Does it Cost to Run a Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan can be run for as low as $0.01   per hour of electricity. The average cost of running an air conditioner system is $0.36 to $0.70 per hour for cooling a 36-square-metre room. It costs between $2.45 to $3.45 to cool an entire home or business, depending on the temperature desired and the electricity consumption rate.

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