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Exit and Emergency Light Testing Electrical Services North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Clear evacuation plans must be in place if your business is located in a building. Exit light testing and emergency light testing will ensure that your business has an exit route in case of an emergency. Evacuation lighting is vital during blackouts, electrical failure, and during a fire. Clear lighting can help reduce panic and improve the chance of your staff avoiding harm.

On Electrical Contractors is a team made up of certified electrical testing technicians. We can inspect your emergency lighting system, test it, and help you maintain safety. Contact us today to arrange for a visit from one of our experts. You can get emergency lighting maintenance at your convenience with our mobile service.

AS/NZS 22923.2 1995  outlines the requirements for building emergency and evacuation lighting. It is a vital service that is often forgotten until an accident or disaster occurs.

The Building Code of Australia requires that emergency lighting systems be installed at all levels of buildings with more than 300m2 of floor space. It must be installed in all hallways that are part of an evacuation route, and in any room with a floor area of more than 100m2 that doesn’t open onto a hallway.

Exit signs must clearly be visible above all doors leading to roads/open spaces or exits. You can consult the code for more information about building compliance/exit or emergency light testing. Or, contact one of our team members to discuss what your obligations are.

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Emergency & Exit Light Testing Electrical Services

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    What is the frequency of emergency light and exit testing?

    The AS2293.2 standard is for emergency lighting testing and inspection. All emergency luminaires and exit signs must be inspected at six-monthly intervals. A trained person must inspect the lamps and replace any damaged ones. A discharge test will be performed on each device.

    This involves a technician turning off the battery charger and simulating a power cut for 90 minutes. This will continue until all exit signs and emergency lights are tested.

    Every 12 months, your lighting system should be tested again using the same procedures as the 6-monthly inspection plus cleaning and inspection of fixtures and reflective surfaces.

    You should hire a professional to test the system, rather than simply replacing the battery yourself. You may not be aware of any potential power outages in your system if you don’t conduct a formal discharge test.

    Through thorough inspection, a trained technician can identify faults in lighting systems and ensure compliance with current safety standards.

    Light Globe Supply and Replacement

    According to AS2293.2, it is mandatory that any defective lamps be replaced at the 6-monthly inspection. Our fire safety testing team will inspect your emergency lights and replace any damaged globes.

    Ask our technicians about energy-efficient replacement globes. Energy-efficient luminaires can be used to replace incandescent globes in buildings. This will reduce your lighting costs and also help the environment.

    An incandescent light bulb is one that uses a filament of wire. Although this type of globe was discontinued in Australia in 2007, there may still be some in your home. Incandescent bulbs are significantly less efficient than modern ones.

    To learn more about energy-efficient lighting replacement options, contact us today. A certified On Electrical Contractors Fire Safety technician will help you to update your lighting system.

    Why should I choose On Electrical Contractors to perform emergency and exit lighting testing in North Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast areas?

    We specialize in emergency light testing and exit light testing. We want to ensure that your staff are protected in the event of an emergency. With careful inspection and replacements of globes, your building will be able to exit quickly in an emergency.

    Each device that we inspect will be detailed and tested by one of our technicians. You can also opt to be notified when the next emergency light maintenance session will be due.

    With our excellent service team and ongoing support, we will ensure your business is compliant with Australian safety working standards. For more information on testing and tagging your building, contact our team today.

    What is the cost of an emergency lighting test in your area?

    Prices and costs for emergency lighting testing can vary depending upon the type of testing required and the extent of the project.

    Where Is Emergency Lighting Required?

    The Australian National Construction Code (NCC), and New Zealand’s Building codes F6 and F8 define the types of buildings and areas where emergency lighting and exit are required.

    Simply put, emergency lighting is required for any government or commercial building that is being occupied by employees, customers, or the general public. This includes common areas in multi-residential buildings.

    Here are some key examples:

    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping Centres
    • Car Parks
    • Sporting Venues
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Bars and Restaurants
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Foyers & Hallways
    • Multi-Residential

    You can pass any regulatory inspection or work safety audit with confidence.

    This regulation requires that emergency and exit lighting fixtures be maintained and inspected at least once every six months. This 90-minute discharge test ensures that your emergency exit lighting fixtures are functional in an emergency and allows all occupants to safely exit.On Electrical Contractors Emergency & Exit Lighting Testing Services technicians can repair any item that fails our testing. LED fittings have a longer life span than traditional fluorescent fixtures and provide better lighting.

    Where Should Types Of Emergency Lighting Be Placed?

    An electrician licensed with an understanding and knowledge of AS2293.1 will be able to provide guidance regarding installation requirements.

    Exit signs must be visible to all occupants and well-lit at all times. These signs will be placed at the top of stairs, above exit doors and at any turn of the path to direct people to the “Egress Path” exit route to an evacuation point or final exit.To illuminate the exit routes from a building, emergency lights are placed at regular intervals around it. The location of emergency lights will depend on the type of light and the ceiling height.

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