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At On Electrical Contractors, our name stands tall as the go-to Electrical Contractor in Narangba, 4504. We pride ourselves on delivering first-rate Electrical Services geared towards complete customer happiness. Whether you’re after a Residential Electrician for your home, a skilled Commercial Electrician, or an experienced Industrial Electrician, our team is here to help.

We’ve been pushing forward for over forty years at On Electrical Contractors. Our team knows what makes electrical work top-notch. Safety and health are our top priorities, making our solutions both secure and high-performing. Got a tricky fusebox or an old switchboard? Our electricians are on call 24/7 in Narangba. For unbeatable electrical work, reach out to us at 0416 879 324 or email bjorn@onelectricalcontractors.com today.

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Choose On Electrical Contractors for Trusted Residential Electrical Services

At On Electrical Contractors, your home’s safety and enhancement are our top goals. We are based in Narangba. Our services are tailored to meet each household’s unique needs. Every job is done with great professionalism and skill.

Comprehensive Home Safety with our Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

We ensure your home stays safe and your electrical systems work smoothly. Our experts fix malfunctioning plugs and solve dead outlets quickly. They use their deep experience to find and fix electrical problems. This helps make your home safe and fully functional.

Modernising Your Space with LED Lighting and Smart Home Installations

We are at the forefront of transforming homes in Narangba with advanced LED and smart home solutions. These services brighten your home, save energy, and add convenience. From voice-controlled lights to automated climate controls, we make your home modern, cozy, and efficient.

Protect Your Home with Surge Protection and Smoke Alarm Systems

We keep your home safe from electrical dangers and fire risks. Our surge protection and smoke alarm services are crucial for this. They protect your property and give you peace of mind. Trust us to install these important safety tools in your home.

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At On Electrical Contractors, we promise more than just services. We offer quality, safety, and trustworthiness. That makes us the top pick for electrical work in Narangba.

The Premier Commercial and Industrial Electrical Contractor in Narangba 4504

In Narangba, we’re known as the top Electrical Contractor. We offer excellent Electrical Services to businesses and industries. Our team is great at handling projects that need a lot of skill and dependability. For any Commercial Electrician or Industrial Electrician, doing quality work and being reliable are key. We show our dedication to quality in every project we do.

We provide complete Electrical Installations, careful Electrical Maintenance, and quick Electrical Repairs. All of these are customized for our clients in the 4504 area. We know commercial and industrial electrical needs are complex. That’s why we focus on keeping your operations going safely and smoothly. With us, your business gets an electrical system that’s effective and follows Australia’s strict safety rules.

We’re known in Narangba for handling both large and small electrical tasks. This shows how we can meet our customers’ unique needs. Need energy-saving lights or advanced power networks? Our skilled team is here to help. We’re proud to build lasting relationships with local businesses. Together, we aim for top operational performance and electrical safety. Count on On Electrical Contractors to keep your business’s electric needs met with expert care.


What range of services does an Electrical Contractor in Narangba 4504 provide?

On Electrical Contractors delivers various electrical services in Narangba 4504. We serve homes, businesses, and industrial areas. Our work includes electrical setup, fixing, upkeep, and checking safety.

How can I trust the quality of services offered by On Electrical Contractors?

With 40 years of top-quality electrical work in Narangba, our credibility is solid. Our skilled electricians stick to strict safety standards. You can trust us for reliable services.

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What residential electrical services are offered in Narangba?

We supply a range of house electrical services. This includes fixing, maintenance, surge protection, and smoke alarms. Also, we upgrade homes with the latest LED and smart home tech.

Can On Electrical Contractors handle modern electrical installations such as smart home technology?

Yes, we excel in updating homes with the latest electrical fixtures. This includes top-tier LED lighting and innovative smart home tech. It boosts your living quality and saves energy.

What measures do you take to ensure the electrical safety of my home?

Your safety is our priority. We offer detailed maintenance and repairs to avoid hazards. Our services also cover surge protection and smoke alarm installs to protect against surges and fires.

As a commercial electrician, do you offer services scaled for business operations?

Indeed, On Electrical Contractors handles complex business electrical needs. Our commercial services in Narangba involve regular maintenance, advanced installations, and quick fixes to aid your business’s success.

Are your electrical services available to industrial clients in Narangba?

Yes, our services cater to the industrial sector as well. We offer specialized solutions for tough industrial settings. Our team is ready for big machinery setup and industrial maintenance.

How can I ensure ongoing electrical maintenance for my business?

Join us for consistent electrical upkeep. We conduct thorough checks and take preventive steps. This keeps your electrical systems reliable and safe, helping your business run smoothly.

Are emergency electrical services available in Narangba?

Certainly, we understand electrical emergencies can happen anytime. That’s why our 24/7 emergency services are here. We’re ready to fix any sudden electrical issues at your place.

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