What is causing my circuit breaker to keep tripping 4 common reasons.

Does your circuit breaker or switchboard keep tripping?

How many times will you need to switch it on and off every time there is an electrical outage in that area?

Circuit breaker tripping is a common problem that can occur at any time in your home, but how long are you able to bear it?

You don’t have to deal with a randomly tripping circuit breaker if you are sick of it.

Is there a power outage? Is it happening when you wash your hair, use your dryer, or when you are watching your favourite Netflix series?

You should then do something about it. Safety switch tripping? Give us a call.

You can save yourself the trouble of having to make random trips by hiring an electrician in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

This electrical fault can be caused by a number of reasons and some of these include poor switchboard installations, outdated or old switchboards and needs an upgrade and more.

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What is the reason my breaker keeps tripping?

A circuit breaker protects your whole electrical system from excessive and high currents caused by a short circuit or overload. Usually, a circuit breaker interrupts the current flow when an electrical fault is discovered.

Most circuit breakers can be reset and resume normal operations once they are shut down.

What does it mean if your circuit breaker trips

You should be concerned if your house or an area of your home is losing electricity.

Flickering lights can also be experienced when your circuit breaks.

Circuit breakers protect your electrical system against electrical shocks and damage from faulty wiring, overloading, and even appliance failure.

Instead of trying to resolve the problem yourself, hire an electrician in Melbourne who is certified and qualified to examine and repair any electrical problem right away.

What are the warning signs of a bad breaker?

The job of your circuit breaker is to protect your whole power system from excessive electrical loads that can cause electrical shock or damage.

These are the red flags to look out for if your circuit breaker needs to be replaced or repaired.

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These are all important things that negate the need for emergency electricians!

Circuit overload

An electrical outlet can only handle a limited amount of current.

Circuit overload can lead to sudden electrical disconnections.

The power then goes to your living or kitchen area, which means your home only uses one circuit to power it.

This is when you should:

  • Turn off your switches by going to the electrical panel
  • Reset your appliances or unplug them
  • Your circuit breaker can be turned on/off

It is possible to determine which appliances are causing sudden power trips by turning on each appliance separately to see if they are contributing to an overloaded circuit.

It is possible that you will need an electrician to update your home’s wiring or add additional circuits.

An electrician may be required to add a separate circuit in your living room or kitchen to prevent overloading.

Short circuits

A short circuit occurs when an electric current diverges from its intended path.

The circuit is powered by two conductors of electricity that have low resistance connections. If the electricity travels in a different direction or takes a different route than other materials, it can create a fire or an electric shock.

You will eventually experience the following:

  • Heating that is too high
  • Power system damage
  • Power tripping
  • Power interruption

Short circuits can occur for a variety of reasons. These could include:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Loose wire connections
  • Wiring problems with appliances

It is possible that your electrical system needs to be checked by a certified electrician in Brisbane Northside to replace your electrical safety switches.

Safety switch malfunction

Faulty electrical wirings can be caused by poor electrical installation or maintenance. This can happen if the wiring is old or damaged in a renovation.

These are the red flags that indicate faulty wiring.

  • Smoke
  • Burning smells
  • Buzzing sounds
  • Flickering lights
  • Blowing fuse
  • Warm to the touch power points

An expert electrician can repair or replace your electrical wiring in Melbourne at any hour.

Faulty electric appliances

Tripping can be caused by old, broken, or defective electrical appliances.

Some appliances can experience wear and tear. In these cases, the electrical current may leak, creating imbalances in the circuit. Your safety switch will turn off if this happens. Unplug all electrical appliances, and then turn on the safety switch until power is restored.

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If this happens often, an emergency electrician in North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast will be able to help you.

How can you fix a breaker which keeps tripping?

Circuit tripping is possible at any time.

It is dangerous and can put your family in danger if it is not addressed immediately.

Here are some suggestions for what to do if you have a sudden trip.

All lights and appliances should be turned off.

If the safety switch doesn’t reset, turn off all lights and appliances.

Reset the circuit breaker

If you notice a circuit breaker tripping, reset the circuit box immediately.

Safety switches will reset automatically; however, it is best to contact an electrician immediately if you experience frequent problems.

Test your circuit breaker

You can test your circuit box to get an idea of the safety switch’s performance.

This will allow you to know if your safety switch, electric appliances, outlets, or wires are in danger.

Contact a 24-hour electrician.

It is best to consult an expert if you are unsure about inspecting and checking your safety switch. You must immediately deal with any sudden circuit breaker trip.

Can I replace a circuit breaker without an electrician?

An electrician licensed in Melbourne can inspect and maintain all your electrical systems so that you don’t have to worry about electrical emergencies.

Circuit breaker trip? Contact an emergency electrician right away!

An emergency electrician can inspect your safety switch to ensure it is functioning properly. You will avoid the danger and hassle of having to do it yourself, as well as the associated risks.

On Electrical Contractors is committed to safety. If you experience circuit breaker tripping or need to upgrade or replace your switchboard, please contact our licensed electricians for immediate action to find the electrical faults causing the electricity outage in your home or business.

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