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The 5 Advantages From Upgrading Your Switchboards Include:

  1. It protects you and your family from electrocution. – You can’t be a better family member or boss than to make sure your family and employees don’t get electrocuted.
  2. Guarding your assets and property against possible fire danger – Old switchboards can pose a danger to your safety and cause fire hazards due to faulty fuses and degraded wiring. You can eliminate the possibility of your switchboard setting off a fire by replacing it.
  3. Lower maintenance costs – It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like saving money. It can be very costly to repair old equipment. You can reduce these costs by switching out your old switchboard with a more modern, better-quality one.
  4. Increase the life expectancy of your electrical equipment – Your switchboard is stuck in the 1900s, and you’re living the best electronic life possible in 2021. Upgrade to a modern switchboard to extend the life of your electrical equipment, so they are compatible with modern systems.
  5. Make sure your business is compliant. – We will install a new board in compliance with all current regulations. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your building not being up-to-standard. Our circuits will be equipped with RCD safety switches that make it safer to work.

Who can upgrade my Switchboard?

This is not something you can do in 60 minutes.

Only a licensed, qualified electrician should work on your switchboards. Fortunately, we know just the right electrical maintenance guys for the job. On Electrical Contractors are fully insured and licensed.

What is the Cost To Upgrade a Switchboard Or Replace One?

Safety is something you can really price. We can, however, as switchboards come in a range of sizes, so each job will need to have a separate quote.

Call us today to get a quote.

Switchboard Upgrades Offer 5 Great Benefits

What are the most common signs of an outdated or old Switchboard?

  • Your power never stops tripping.
  • Your home’s lights are flickering involuntarily.
  • Overheating of the switchboard cables. 
  • Your current residence was built in the 1990s or before.
  • Fuses can be blown when you have multiple devices running at once.

You may also need to replace your switchboard’s mains. A lack of sufficient supply cables to your home can be as dangerous as not having proper circuit protection. Your risk of getting burned by electricity is higher the more we use it. If they aren’t large enough, your risk is even greater.

Modern apertures for medium-sized homes typically have 10mm main lines that are rated at 63 amperes. Larger homes require more power, so a 16mm incoming line should be able to handle an 80-ampere power source.

Further Information About Switchboard Upgrades

There are two main ways to upgrade a switchboard. You can first upgrade your fusebox to a fireproof unit that meets current regulations. Upgrade your switchboard or fusebox to a newer version with up-to-date wiring and other components.

You should not attempt to upgrade the electrical fusebox system yourself. Instead, contact a qualified electrician in your area who is familiar with your business to evaluate your switchboard’s electrical needs and recommend the best option for upgrading your system. It is required that electrical companies have at least A-rated switchboards in some states.

Not all switchboard upgrades are created equal. Your communications network’s performance is greatly affected by the quality of A-rated switchboard wire. A-grade wiring has a longer life expectancy than regular electricity and is more resistant to extreme temperatures. It has been used in thousands of businesses worldwide because it is specially designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations.

You can reduce future costs by upgrading your wiring to A-grade quality.

This is something that is often forgotten. Older units can be equipped with defective circuit breakers, which can cause costly emergency room visits.

These emergency room visits can be avoided by switching to switchboard upgrades. Newer switchboards seamlessly transition between circuits when they are broken. Contacting an electrical contractor can help you replace old, outdated switchboards. It is illegal to replace circuit breakers in older homes. Therefore, you must consult an electrician before replacing any outdated switchboards.

Some consumers worry that switching to higher-quality switchboard upgrades could lead to lower-quality electrical service. This is false. High-quality electrical work uses the best components. By choosing the right materials, companies can offer the highest quality communication devices. Many people mistakenly believe that upgrading costs are associated with lower quality components. This is false.

Safety is essential in any business. It is even more critical in a home. When installing switchboards, there are basic safety precautions that must be observed. A licensed electrician should not work in areas that have live currents. Unlicensed contractors should not disconnect the home’s electricity supply.

Unlicensed electricians should immediately disconnect any wiring from a home’s electrical supply if they work in an area with overloaded switchboard wiring. These simple steps will ensure that you have a safe experience when upgrading.

Upgrades to your switchboard can make a significant difference in the quality and reliability of your communications system. They can also be done quickly. A switchboard can be updated with new technology by adding new call numbers and call letters.

After the upgrade is completed, old telephone lines can be terminated for sleek new circuit breakers. This simple upgrade will transform your home, no matter if you’re upgrading the entire switchboard or changing the wiring.

On Electrical Contractors North Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast offers qualified and experienced switchboard and fusebox upgrades for homes or businesses. Contact one of our licensed electricians now.

People often ask these questions.

Do I need to upgrade my switchboard?

There are several indicators that your switchboard needs an upgrade. Rewireable fuse wires in a switchboard are a safety hazard.

What is the cost of upgrading your electrical box?

The scope of your project and the type or panel of the electrical panel will determine the cost of upgrading it. It can cost as much as $200 to upgrade an existing panel, while replacing an entire fusebox or panel can cost $1,000 or more.

Is it illegal to use ceramic fuses in Queensland?

They are no longer allowed. We recommend that you have your home upgraded as soon as possible.

What’s in an electrical switchboard?

Most switchboards contain Electrical panels. These boards contain switches, which can interrupt or switch the flow a circuit’s flow, allowing the circuits to control or be properly directed. Circuit indicators are also found on switchboards that can detect the strength and condition of circuits.

Does an RCD protect against a short circuit?

Pure RCDs will detect imbalances in the currents of supply and return conductors within a circuit. But it cannot protect against overload and short circuits. Like a fuse (MCB), or a mini circuit breaker (fuse), except in the case of a short-circuit from live to ground and not live to neutral.