How can you check for bad wiring in your home

Bad electrical wiring can lead to hundreds of fires every year in Australian homes. Experts keep reminding us that you should have your house checked by an electrician on a regular basis. A $100 expense to have your wiring checked can be likened to an insurance policy. It will ensure your safety and provide additional protection for your most important financial asset, your house.

Although it’s possible to perform a quick check on your own before calling an expert, you will still need some knowledge about how to properly do this. These tips will give you an idea of whether it is worth calling in an electrician to conduct a complete check.

  • circuit breaker or fuse box protects your electrical circuits. It is important to inspect them often. You can find them in the garage or outside the house. Open the box to check for any signs of abnormality, such as a voltage reading of 0. Damage to the wires in the box is another sign that you may have electrical wiring problems. Call an electrician immediately if you notice any problems or damage.
  • Ironically, many electrical fires could be prevented with regular maintenance checks. Regular maintenance checks should be done every 2 to 3 years to ensure that there has been no damage to your wiring. Only a professional electrician can give you a complete check and the peace of mind that you require.
  • Other signs you may need professional assistance include melted fuse boxes and sparks from plugging in appliances around your home. This can lead to a fire, so make sure you unplug your appliance immediately and bring it in for repair.
  • Keep in mind that every house has an electrical system. Some houses may need to be checked more often than others. An electrician can help you determine how often to inspect your house’s wiring. Older homes are more at risk because modern houses that were built in the last ten years have installed electrical systems which minimize problems. However, it is important to verify this and call an electrician at least every five years.
  • Nowadays, most households own a multitude of electrical appliances. New additions are almost every month. You need to be more careful when you consider HD TV gear, sound systems and dozens upon dozens of plug in chargers.
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Electric hazards can pose a serious threat to your health and safety. While electrical work should always only be done by professionals, homeowners need to know how to safely use electric equipment and recognize when it is unsafe.

The following are basic electrical equipment that every person should know how to use correctly:

  • Extension leads – These should not be used for more than a few minutes and should be kept in a safe place. They should be in good condition and kept out of water.
  • Electric appliances – Before you use any electrical appliances, make sure they are in good condition. Make sure you turn off any appliances that are not working properly and unplug them.
  • Points of power – Before plugging in appliances, make sure power points are turned off. Also, don’t use powerpoints that have visible wires or signs of damage.
  • Powerboards – These should be kept in a ventilated area and turned off when not in use.

You should also be aware of electrical safety. Never use water to extinguish an electric fire. Avoid using old appliances. Always turn off the power before inspecting electrical systems.

Do-it-yourself electrical work is a bad idea. To ensure the safety and integrity of your electrical system, contact a master electrician for assistance.

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