Exhaust Fans & Bathroom Heating Installation Services

Exhaust Fans & Bathroom Heating Installation Services Brisbane Northside & Sunshine Coast.

Are you looking to have an exhaust fan installed in or repaired in one of your rooms or on your commercial or industrial property?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a luxurious bathroom heating system in your home?

Exhaust fans are essential to remove moisture, odours, fumes, and ensure proper ventilation in your home or business property.

Bathroom heating can give you warmth and comfort year-round.

All types of domestic Brisbane electrical services are available to you, including servicing, installing and repairing household exhaust fans, and heating solutions for bathrooms. On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd can handle any job, big or small. We are Brisbane Electricians, but we also service South East Queensland including the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. Our team includes on-call electricians to attend to any emergency or electrical needs.

Do you need bathroom heating or exhaust fans installed in your home or commercial property? On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd offers a wide range of bathroom heating and exhaust fan solutions. We are only a phone call away.

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Exhaust Fans & Bathroom Heating Installation Services

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    Ceiling Exhaust Fans Installation Services For Kitchens, Laundry & Bathrooms Or Any Commercial Area

    Ceiling exhaust fans are an essential part of your home’s ventilation system. They remove moisture and unpleasant odours as well, protecting your home’s surfaces from bacteria and mould growth.

    In many areas of your house, exhaust fans can be useful:

    Toilets and Bathrooms – Bathrooms can become mouldy and decayed if they are too damp or lack ventilation. Bathroom surfaces can become damp and unhealthy, causing bacteria to grow. The paint, fixtures and fittings of bathrooms can also be damaged by moisture buildup.

    An exhaust fan fitted correctly removes moisture from the bathroom and prevents condensation. The ceiling exhaust fan can also eliminate unpleasant odours, and when fitted with a heating lamp, it provides warmth after winter showers.

    Kitchen – A properly placed exhaust fan in your kitchen can remove any unwanted fumes or odours from the area and keep the room ventilated.

    Laundry –  It is important to ventilate your laundry, especially if you use dryers. To reduce the noise of laundry appliances, laundries are usually closed. It is important that your laundry area has an exhaust fan to prevent moisture and condensation buildup.

    Commercial and industrial properties – Ceiling exhaust fans that can be installed in warehouses, commercial kitchens and laundries, and much more.

    It is essential to make sure that all ceiling exhaust fans are correctly located and installed by qualified electricians. Particularly, kitchen ventilation should be able to extract odours from the outside of your home or business and not into the roof cavity.

    On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd employs friendly, skilled electricians to ensure that your ceiling exhaust fans work at their best. We offer a professional service, and we work with you to finish the work quickly and without causing any disruption to your daily activities.

    Do you need a bathroom heater lamp installed?

    On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd can install your bathroom heating system light at any hour of the day or night.

    Expert Bathroom Heat Lamp Installation

    Do you need a bathroom ceiling heater installed? On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd has installed many bathroom heaters. These handy fixtures will keep you warm after you get out of the shower. You can make a 3-in-1 by installing a bathroom heater/fan-light combination.

    All types of electrical work can be done by On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd. We have over 20 years of experience in bathroom heater installation.

    We can assist you, whether you need to replace your heat lamp or install a new exhaust fan with a heater outside. We can install your bathroom heater light anywhere you want.

    Are you too busy to find your heater light source? On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd can help. We can install and supply a new heater light in a matter of hours.

    It’s not as easy as plugging the light into your bathroom heater. Modern heat lamps include regular lighting as well as an exhaust fan. They must be properly installed and may require ducting to the exterior.

    Bad installation could result in faulty wiring and loose connections that will cause your bathroom heater to not work properly. Amateur installations can cause electrical shocks, in addition to not working. It is not a good idea for your family to be shocked by the heat lamp in the bathroom. A bad installation can also pose a fire hazard!

    You must ensure that your exhaust fan is correctly installed to avoid moisture buildup in your bathroom. This creates the ideal environment for bacteria and mould to grow in your bathroom.

    Bathroom heater lights when you need them

    On Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd installs bathroom heater lights whenever you need them.

    We can provide services at any hour of the day, whether it is early Monday morning or late Saturday night.

    You can pick a time that works for you to have your bathroom heater lights put in. We can fit into your work schedule so we come out when you are most convenient.

    Do you need an electrician to install a ceiling exhaust fan or heater in Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast?

    Installing a bathroom exhaust fan requires an electrician. It’s a difficult job to install a bathroom fan in an area that does not have one. You’ll need to hire an experienced electrical contractor in Brisbane Northside & Sunshine Coast to run the wiring and vent the air through the roof or wall.

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