Do You Need to Unplug Appliances Before Going on Holiday

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Unplugging Appliances In Your Home Before Going On Holiday

Our expert electricians give their tips for holiday-goers who are unsure about which appliances to turn off before leaving.

Finally, you’ve managed to take that much-deserved vacation. Why let anxiety ruin your holiday? More than 50% of Aussies are uncomfortable leaving their homes for extended periods of time, while 1 in 5 have gone on holiday only to return home, often thinking they left an appliance on.

Here’s a quick list of appliances that you should unplug or switch off before you leave for your holiday. You will need energy-saving tips, especially if you travel during the winter months.

What are the reasons I need to check my appliances?

Many of these items can help you keep your expenses down while you are away. It’s not worth heating hot water when there isn’t anyone using it. It can be turned off to save money.

Second, it is crucial to ensure fire safety by checking and turning off the correct appliances. While fires can easily break out if appliances aren’t turned off, they also help to keep things running smoothly and prevent any potential accidents. This checklist will help you decide what should be unplugged and what should remain plugged in.

Also, it is a good idea to check your appliances for security. A home that appears empty can make it tempting for burglars. You can tell your family, friends or neighbours that you’re going on vacation and leave a key so they can turn the lights on and off. You can also look into timers for your lamps or light fittings to turn them on when it gets dark.

What about my water, heating and gas?

Leakage from a tap or pipe can not only cost you money but also could cause damage to electrical wiring and spark a fire. Turn off the main water supply to reduce risk and save money on your monthly bills.

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If you’re not using your gas appliances, turn them off while you are away. In summer, your heating will be turned off. However, if you are going away in winter then it should be on for at least an hour. This will ensure that your pipes don’t freeze on cold days while you are away.

What should I do with my electrical goods?

Although it would be convenient to just turn off the electricity at the mains, you should not leave any electrical appliances on. It is important to turn on some self-timed lights so that it appears someone is home. You can also leave your fridge on (if needed: more later). Your TV recorder box should be left on depending on how important your programs are.

To save money and decrease the chance of a fire, unplug any unnecessary electrical appliances. You should be looking for TVs, radios and computers in your living area, as well as kettles, toasters and microwaves inside your kitchen.

Do I need to unplug my fridges and freezers?

Fridges and freezers consume a lot of energy. However, it is important to keep them running in order to prevent food spoilage. A warm fridge/freezer can leak water, which could lead to a fire hazard. If you have a full refrigerator/freezer, don’t turn it on.

You can also try to finish your food before you leave so your fridge/freezer doesn’t get full. You can then turn it off. You should not do this right before you go. Otherwise, you will be back in a flood. An empty fridge/freezer should only be turned off after it has been frozen using towels or a tray to collect the water. Then, wash it with soap. Top tip: Keep the lid and door open when you are on vacation to allow air to circulate around it and prevent mould growth.

These tips can help you figure out which switches to make when you go on holiday. This will save you time and reduce the chance of an intruder or fire.

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